Beauty and the Beast (II)

Goodall recalls the life in the Olduvai gorge: “I always remember the feeling of holding the bones of an ancient creature in my hand for the first time. They lived on this land millions of years ago. I think they used to stand here, with life, flesh and hair, they have their own unique sense of smell, can feel hunger, thirst and pain, and enjoy the sun.”

In order to obtain the trust of chimpanzees, Goodall quietly entered the forest area to wait and observe despite they have hostility to her sometimes. She slept in the forest, eating the fruits that eaten by chimpanzees, and sometimes only acting between trees like an orangutan. The grass in the rainforest is tall, the sharp leaves have scratched her skin, and the threat of chimpanzees has been encountered, but Goodall is always insist at risk.

“People often ask me if I miss the comfortable living conditions at home. Sometimes I want to enjoy a beautiful music and enjoy reading literature. But frankly, I feel very happy in this jungle. Living in a simple tent, taking a shower in a lovely creek, although there is hot at noon, sometimes even worms, but they are part of the forest life. This is the life I have been looking forward to.”

Through the research, Goodall discovered that “not only human beings have personality, the ability to think rationally, and expressions such as joy and sadness.” She observed many humanized movements between chimpanzees, such as hugs, and insisted that these movements are “an intimate and supportive ties between chimpanzee families and members of the community, and they have lasted for more than 50 years.” This is the first time that the scientific community proposed that the similarity between humans and chimpanzees is not only at the genetic level, but also in terms of emotions, intelligence, family and social relationships.

Of course, the most important achievement of Goodall is to subvert the two long-standing views of the scientific community – only human beings can make and use tools, and chimpanzees are vegetarian animals. In the 1960s, Goodall noticed that they would peel off the leaves from the branches and then use the branches to reach into the water for fish. In response to this revolutionary discovery, Dr. Louis Leakey, a mentor to Goodall, once wrote: “We must either redefine humans or redefine tools. Otherwise, we can only accept chimpanzees as humans.”

In fact, at the beginning, Goodall only planned to spend three years studying the chimpanzees in the wild, but later, in fact, she spent most of her life.

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Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a method that are extremely practice from the body to the spirit. Through the yoga exercise, women can maintain their perfect body shape, adjust their mood, be smart and intelligent, the most important is that can also enhance their self-confidence.

  1. Yoga reduces facial wrinkles.

This is mainly due to the stand upside down. Our usual straight stand forces gravity to pull the muscles down. In time, facial muscles collapsed. Standing upside down for a few minutes a day, we were able to reverse the effect of gravity, making it a boost to make us young, so that the facial muscles are not slack anymore, it reduces wrinkles and the skin naturally flattens.

  1. Inversions restores the color of the hair.

Because the amount of blood flowing into the scalp. This position increases the elasticity of the muscles, removing the pressure from the blood vessels and nerves, allowing more blood to flow to the scalp muscles. In other words, the hair follicle gets more nutrients and produces more healthy hair.

  1. Adhere to practicing yoga, can make the curve more clear, make the female waist soft and powerful; it can avoid the female gluteal muscle drooping; reduce excess body fat, effectively lose weight; and can also increase the elasticity of female hamstrings, make women’s legs more slender.

  1. People who practice yoga can return to normal diet and lose weight effectively. Through practice yoga, your will be stronger, and the temptation of food will be controlled to achieve effective weight loss.

Long-term yoga exercises, through the massage action can effectively relieve the fatigue of the human muscles and bones, and through the yoga breathing method and various posture exercises, we can promote the human blood circulation, the human joints become more flexible.

  1. Improve your vision and hearing.

Normal vision and hearing are mainly based on the eyes and ears to get good blood circulation and nerve transmission. The nerves and blood vessels that supply the eyes and ears needs must pass through the neck. As you grow older, your strength loses its elasticity just like the neck. When nerves and blood vessels pass through the neck, you may experience stagnation. It will hamper the supply of nerves and blood to the eyes and ears, thus affecting their functioning. Yoga posture and yoga neck movement can improve the condition of the neck, thereby we can better our vision and hearing.

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Nature Wonders of the World(Ⅱ)

  1. Blood Falls, Antarctica

Many people don’t have the opportunity to visit the Antarctic to see the Scarlet Falls, but even seeing it on the photo will be shocked by its majesty: the blood waterfall is stained with the white Taylor Glacier. This place was discovered in 1911 by geographer Thomas Taylor, a member of a desperate Antarctic expedition. Since then, glaciologists and microbiologists have been exploring the mysteries that what led to the red current, at last they have concluded that the rich iron in the underground lakes causes the water to become red like blood. The latest research shows, the microbes what survived under 1300 foot of ice rely on iron and sulfur. This is the most amazing landscape of the Antarctic continent, and its region is also one of the most exotic areas of the Antarctic: McMurdo Dry Valley, which is the most like Martian area on the planet. The McMurdo Dry Valley is located west of McMurdo Bay in Antarctica and consists of a series of valleys. The reason why it is called dry valley is because it is very dry, there is no trace of water vapor in the air, and there has been no precipitation for more than 2 million years. This area is the most severe desert on the planet, and it is the only place in the Antarctic that is not covered by snow.

  1. Surtsey, Iceland

When someone insists that there is nothing new on the planet, let them go to the Surtsey in Iceland. Before 1963, it did not exist. After that, an underwater volcano erupted on Westerman Island. When the volcanic activity ceased in 1967, a small island appeared. Surtsey is only one square mile (about 258 hectares) at the time, but the constant erosion of wind and water has reduced its area by half. Surtsey is a volcanic island off the coast of Iceland and the southernmost place of Iceland. For protect this island, the Icelandic government bans visitors entering Surtsey, allowing only marine biologists, geologists, botanists and other scientists to conduct research. Now, scientists must carefully check the soles before going to the island to confirm that they have not brought new species to the island. Always keep the earth’s new ecosystem free of pollution. The world is full of wonders, everyone of us has the curiosity, for that reason we can explore this unknown world.

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The Current Business Situation in China

After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, the development of China’s business has achieved remarkable results. This achievement is inseparable from the people who devote themselves to the country’s development. These achievements have not only took efforts for the consumers, and at the same time, efforts are made in this process to be strong or to develop and strengthen our own business enterprises. We also received some results. As far as the current economic development is concerned, the further development of China’s economic development is still ideal.

We can see from the current situation of national economic development that China’s commercial development is currently facing a very good macroeconomic background. Everyone knows that China’ macroeconomic development has been in a state of continuous, stable and rapid development. By 2007, we have maintained an annual growth rate of 8% to 10% for five consecutive years. We have grown from a total GDP of 13 trillion yuan in 2003 to totally 24.7 trillion yuan in 2007. This scale is that we have a certain production capacity and production quantity. We have achieved self-sufficiency in a considerable number of areas, and this ability is that we can fully provide the necessary daily necessities and production supplies to the market.

Our pursuit of continuous improvement in living standards and further expansion of reproduction have been achieved. The macro background of China’s economic environment also shows that the rapid development of the economy over the years has continuously improved the living standards of us.

In China, due to the increase in the cost of labor and the changes in the prices of other basic commodities, the business environment in the commercial sector has also emerged a series of issues, so we need to seriously consider and think about this problem. These are a series of factors and situations that must be faced in the next stage of development of China’s commercial retail and supermarket sectors. We need to do serious research. Under such a big background, it is very necessary for us to seriously consider the current development of China’s business. We have seen that after a few years of hard work, the development of our business is very nice indeed. It is our consistent goal to realize the further development of China’s business and to fully cooperate with the sustained and stable development of China’s economy.

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Tourist Destinations in America- Las Vegas and Miami

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada, USA, and a city with a high international reputation. Las Vegas was built on May 15, 1905. Because of its desert edge and border in Nevada, Las Vegas is hot all year round. It is one of the world’s four major casinos. It is a world-famous holiday city centered on gambling, traveling, shopping and vacation. It has the reputation of world entertainment capital and marriage capital. Among the 38.9 million travelers who come to Las Vegas every year, the majority of those who go shopping and enjoy food are in majority. From a humble village to a huge international city, Las Vegas took only ten years.

If you are poor and have a few dollars left, you may be able to turn over the salted fish in Las Vegas. If you can’t spend more money, you may experience the life style of slum when you go to Las Vegas. This is Las Vegas, with extremely hell on one side and heaven on the other. The way that Las Vegas attractions presented is different from the normal cities, its more is biased towards things and stories. Whether a quick vacation or a sightseeing tour, your most of minutes you spend will be meaningful in the city.

Many kinds of the stunning hotels are on the Long Street, the cafeterias of different styles, the mega-modern sculptures and the weird museums are all the most unique attractions in Las Vegas. In addition, if you have enough time, you can visit Red Rock Canyon in the west, Death Valley National Park and Lake Mead in the east, all of which are top destinations in the United States. Miami is located between Biscayne Bay, Florida’s Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second largest city in the state after Jacksonville and the largest city in Miami-Dade County. Miami is an international metropolis with an important position in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, art and international trade. It is the headquarters of many companies, banks and television stations.

From December to April, Miami is a holiday destination for travellers and the best season to visit the Everglades National Park. Like other cities in South Florida, Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The ‘hurricane season’ is from June 1st to November 30th of each year, such as heavy rainfall, strong winds and thunderstorms may occur. Due to the low season of tourism, the price of tickets for hotels and attractions will be lowered accordingly, which is the lowest season for tourism consumption.

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The most popular cars brands for Chinese

Cars have come into people’s homes gradually with the economic development. Nowadays, China has become the biggest market in the world. Now, there is a ranking list that the most popular car brands for Chinese.

  • Volkswagen

The headquarter of Volkswagen is in Wolfsburg, Germany, it is also one of the world’s four largest automakers. Ranked 7th in the Fortune Global in 2016. the Chinese auto market have developed rapidly in the past decade, and it has attached the attention of the world’s major auto companies.

  • Benz

Benz’s reputation in China is greater than that of BMW and Audi. Benz’s hedge ratio is very high, and it is very popular among consumers. With China’s economic level has progressed from time to time, China’s car inventory has increased from time to time. There are many foreign-funded enterprises in the Chinese automobile market, and many Chinese cars have been consumed.

  • Toyota

In China, Toyota is based on the corporate philosophy of“creating a wealthy society through cars”. While striving to provide customers with high-quality automotive products and services, it has carried out various social contribution activities for the development of Chinese society. In terms of business development, Toyota is actively involved in the business of engines and automotive facilities in China.

  • BMW

In 2015, the BMW Group won the global premium car market for the 11th consecutive year. Among them, the BMW brand sales in 2015 reached 1,905,234, reaching an increase of 5.2% year-on-year, and also set a sales record for five consecutive years. In 2015, BMW Motors sold more than 463,000 vehicles in China. China has become BMW’s largest single market in the world.

  • Audi

Audi is a luxury car brand owned by Audi Motors, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group of Germany. As a representative of high-tech, quality standards, innovative capabilities, and classic type, Audi is one of the most successful car brands in the world. The company is headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany, and has branches in many countries including China.

Of course, the first determinant we buy a car is quality, including the auto spare parts, B2B platform –SinoSources is a professional platform for steel, they can provide the best services for customers. The importance to choose a car is not only based on the brand influence, but the comprehensive thinking, including what is suitable for you. It is best only when it fits you.

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