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portable coordinate measuring machine 

PET bottles are employed extensively in a assortment of industries for different purposes. Even in a narrow range, machines have difficulty applying precise and correct forces. For instance, a Rockwell test requires 150 kg force. Making use of a 150 kg deadweight is too heavy for a lab machine, so designers use a 15 kg deadweight to apply a 150 kg force by means of levers. Simply because these mechanical parts will put on down more than time, the force will at some point be inaccurate.

Industrial CT scanners use the same variety of technology as CT scanners in hospitals and doctors’ offices-taking multiple readings from various angles and converting the CT grey scale photos into voxel-primarily based 3-dimensional point clouds. When the CT scanner generates the point cloud, a specialist can create a CAD-to-element comparison map, construct a 3D model of the element, or reverse engineer the component to suit their needs. In the packaging world, particularly exactly where pharmaceutical or private merchandise are concerned, this ability is paramount. Higher-speed scanning inline, for instance, can examine the seals on pill bottles for airtight quality assurance, whilst on the web or lab scanning can instantly compare a manufactured product to the CAD plan in numerous methods.

An experiment for investigating the force required to obtain maximum deflection of various stacking arrangements of disc springs, along with the spring price. It fits in the Universal Testing Machine (SM1000) and consists of disc springs, a spring guide and a compression cylinder.

For exceptional merchandise for which regular testing solutions do not exist, we can develop the appropriate test fixture or certain application test sequences. All testing machines and a vast choice of accessories and computer software are created and made in our factory in Ulm, generating us really versatile to your demands.

By adding the appropriate set of packaging testing fixtures that matches the shape and size of your specimen, our test machines can go from measuring tiny specimens at low force ranges to heavy duty specimens at distinct test varieties such as tension, friction, tearing strength, compression, peel and puncture. This means that you will be able to use the same test machine to measure your packaging specimens of varying shapes and sizes.

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