Deeply Learning of Marketing(I)

Object of study

The early object of study: It is mainly confined to circulation domain, once consumer received the commodity, it is not belong to the studying object of marketing any more. Apparently, it is an outdated definition.

Content of study

Principle of marketing: Includes marketing analyze, marketing concept, marketing information system and circumstance, consumer wants and purchase behavior, etc.

Marketing practice: It is composed of he product strategy, pricing strategy, distribution channel strategy, promotion strategy and marketing combined strategy.

Marketing management: It involves marketing strategies, organization, plan and control.

Special marketing: It is composed of network marketing, service marketing and international marketing.

The American Marketing Association defined it as: Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. (Approved July 2013)

Feature of marketing

The first of marketing is to create, get and maintain consumer. We should take the long view to think how to defeat the competitors.

Paying attention to the market survey and gather a large mount of information, thus we can make the right choice in the uncertain marketing changes.

Push the innovation actively, its degree is proportional to the effect.

Make the decision in the changing circumstance, it requires the deciders has the strong capacity, like the entrepreneur, has the high ability of insight, recognition and resolution.

The experiential practice to conduct marketing is start with the commodity sales. Commodity sales have two basic functions for enterprise and society. The first is to push the goods produced by the enterprise to the consumer field; the second is to obtain money from the consumers in order to compensate for the labor consumption in the production of goods. Enterprises are the products of social production that using advanced production organization to improve people’s living standards. In the real economy with shortage of resources, it can use the regular of scale economy to improve production efficiency and create new living standards by realizing resource concentration and production specialization to a certain extent. On the other hand, the society chooses the market and the method of commodity exchange. When the enterprise transfers the product to the consumer, the enterprise obtains the money because the society needs to maintain the continuity of the production and operation, so as to gain more benefits that improving production efficiency brings us.

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Financial System(I)

The financial system is the basic framework for the flow of funds in an economy. It is a combination of financial factors (financial assets), market participants (intermediaries) and trading methods (markets), and Activities have a strong externality and to a certain extent, can be public goods.

Therefore, the government’s regulatory framework is also an inseparable part of the financial system.

In reality, countries around the world have different financial systems, and it is difficult to apply a relatively unified model for generalization. One is Germany, several big banks play a dominant role, the financial market is very unimportant; the other extreme is the United States, the financial market plays a big role, and the concentration of banks is very small. Between these two extremes, other countries, such as Japan and France, have traditionally been banking-based systems, but in recent years, financial markets have developed rapidly and become more and more important; the financial markets of Canada and the United Kingdom are more developed than Germany. However, the banking sector is more concentrated than the United States. Countries around the world have different financial systems.

In a general sense, a financial system consists of several interrelated components, these are:

Firstly, the financial sector (Financial Sector, various financial institutions, markets, which provide financial services to the non-financial sector of the economy);

Secondly, Financing Patten and Corporate Governance (Financing Patten and Corporate Governance, Residents, Businesses, Government Financing Behaviors and Fundamental Financing Tools; Organizational Framework for Coordinating the Interests of Company Participants);

Thirdly, the Regulation System.

The financial system is not a simple addition of these parts, but an adaptation and coordination.

Therefore, the difference between different financial systems is not only the difference between their components, but also the difference in their mutual relationship.


Due to the large differences in financial systems in different countries, many studies believe that there are different financial systems. One is a market-oriented financial system represented by the United States, and the other is a bank-led financial system represented by France and Germany.

In the United States, the proportion of bank assets to GDP is 53%, only one-third of Germany; on the contrary, the US stock market value of GDP is 82%, about three times higher than Germany. Therefore, the financial system of the United States and the United Kingdom is often referred to as ”market-led”, while Germany, France, and Japan are referred to as ”bank-based system”.

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Knowledge and Suggestions about Sports(III)

The notes we should notice when we drink water during the excercise

During the exercise, we will lose a lot of water, so we will sweat a lot. At this time, we definitely want to drink water to supplement the water we lost. But drinking water during exercise is also a very important thing.

First of all, we should pay attention to the supplement of mineral water what rich in calcium and magnesium to supplement the body’s demand for mineral salts, because muscle exercise will increase the demand for mineral salts, and the evaporation of sweat will also take away some of the mineral salts in the body, so It is best to choose some functional drinks.

In addition, the correct method of hydration is a small number of times, it is best to drink warm water, even in the summer, do not drink ice water after exercise in order to pursue cool, otherwise it may cause irritation to the intestines, which may cause problems in the digestive system.

Before exercise, you need to add some water first. It is recommended to add 500ml of water one or two hours before strenuous exercise, and then perform activities such as running and playing. At the same time, when resting in the middle of exercise, you can properly add a small amount of water. If you sweat more, it is best to add water containing potassium and sodium to prevent discomfort. Finally, after the end of the exercise, you can’t think that it’s okay and you can drink water at will. At this time, we can’t add a lot of water at once. It should be a small mouth, slow drink, and the right amount. Drinking water can only solve the temporary thirst, but increase sweating, and further loss of electrolytes in the body, which also increases the burden on the heart and kidney. At this time, the hydration still needs a small amount of drinking, and appropriate salt.

Indoor sports or outdoor sports

Both indoor and outdoor sports are the sport we can choose. The gym is a typical indoor exercise. Most of these sports are constantly improved under the guidance of the coach, suitable for targeted training.

Running, hiking, skiing, etc. are typical outdoor sports. These sports are a wide range of generalized sports. While doing these exercises, we not only exercised our body, but also changed our mood in an outdoor environment, which is more conducive to our broadening of our mood.

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The Ranking of Technology in the World III

  1. Israel

People with Jewish descent have won many Nobel Prizes, but many may not know that Israel is not only good at military, but also scientifically and technically, although they have many military equipment from the United States, they also helped American researchers to research and improve weapons and equipment.

Israel has a high level of education, 24% of the workforce having a graduate degree or above, ranking first in the world. In the past ten years, Israeli scientists have made outstanding achievements in many fields and made outstanding contributions to the development of the world’s science and technology, especially in electronics and chemistry.

In the past ten years, Israeli scientists have made outstanding achievements in many fields and made outstanding contributions to the development of the world’s science and technology, especially in electronics and chemistry.

Many high-tech companies in the United States have set up R&D centers in Israel to take advantage of the intelligence and wisdom of Israelis (unlike China, Israelis are involved in and undertake key scientific research and product development).

Although Israel lacks resources, the greatest resource is their mind.

  1. Sweden

The judge of Nobel Prize is a Swede and can be recognized by the world. It also proves that Sweden has first-class scientists and has the ability to assess the world’s top scientific research. If you don’t have such a level, no one will admit it). Sweden has a population of only 9 million, but 38% of the workforce is employed by high-tech companies (such as Ericsson), which ranks first in the world! Swedes are also one of the most loved countries in the world, the quality of national science occupies number one.

The Chinese imagine that Sweden is a high-welfare country, people live very leisurely, but Sweden implements a very strict competitive education model. All courses are divided into dozens of grades from easy to difficult, rather than grades and classes. In 20 key scientific and technological fields, 14 of Sweden are in the top 10 and 19 are in the top 20.

  1. Italy

Italians can design the best outfits and lead the fashion trend… This seems to have nothing to do with natural science and technology, but it reflects the Italians’ ability to innovate. In fact, Italy also has Agustin-Whitlan helicopters, such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and other super sports cars, with world-class car manufacturing technology.

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Knowledge about Real Estate(II)

Real estate is also called immovable property in economics. There are three forms of existence: land, buildings, and premises. In real estate auctions, the auction target may also have three forms of existence, namely land (or land use rights), physical entities and their rights under the state of building and premises.

It is not difficult to see from the real estate control measures that have been introduced. The central government has adopted a strategy of step-by-step and multi-investment in real estate regulation, indicating that the central government’s attitude toward real estate regulation is clear and determined.

In a certain sense, banks tightening mortgages will play a positive role in curbing excessive housing price increases. The adjustment of interest rate preferential policies will help to rationally guide housing consumption, curb investment and speculative purchases. Buying real estate is an important way to invest.

Real estate investment has the following characteristics:

(1) the fixedness and immovability of the location;

(2) The long-term use;

(3) Diversity of influencing factors;

(4) Value profitability;

(5) Value-added;

(6) Industry relevance,

Regulatory influence

The economy continued to improve in February 2013, but some of the data was lower than expected, causing a discussion about whether the market can stabilize the economic growth rate. The current economy is still recovering moderately, but due to factors such as real estate regulation and control, the speed of economic recovery may slow down in the future after the first quarter.

The CPI increase of 3.2% in February was mainly affected by the Spring Festival factor, reflecting the current economic recovery and support. February CPI rose by 1.1%. Among them, the food price increase is the same as the seasonal factor, while the non-food price rebound is stronger than the seasonal factor. In particular, the price of both consumer goods and services has risen, reflecting that the current economy is still in a short-cycle of growth recovery.

Proprietary rights of economic

  1. Self-ownership: ownership

Including possession, use rights, income rights, and disposal rights

  1. He real right

Including easements, mortgages, leases, and pawning rights

Classified by land use

  1. Residential land;
  2. Land for public facilities (including commercial land, etc.);
  3. Industrial land;
  4. Warehousing land;
  5. Common to diplomacy;
  6. Land for road plaza;
  7. Land for municipal public facilities;
  8. Greening land;
  9. Special land use.

According to the function of the house, it can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Houses for residential use;
  2. Houses for industrial use;
  3. Housing for commercial use;
  4. Cultural and recreational facilities;
  5. Government and public facilities;

6, multi-purpose building

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Content about Environmental Protection

Environmental protection covers a wide range and comprehensiveness. It involves many fields of natural sciences and social sciences, as well as its unique research objects. Environmental protection methods include: taking administrative, legal, economic, scientific and technological, etc., rationally utilizing natural resources, preventing environmental pollution and destruction, and seeking a balanced and sustainable development of the natural environment. Expand the reproduction of useful resources to ensure the development of society.

Natural environment

In order to prevent the deterioration of the natural environment, to protect mountains, green water, blue sky, sea and jungle is very important. This involves we cannot deforest trees, not over exploiting, not destroying the ecological balance of nature, etc. This level is macroscopic, and it can only be resolved by relying on the various levels of government to exercise their functions and conduct regulation. The protection of the natural environment needs everyone to do it!

Human environment

Make the environment more suitable for the needs of human work and labor. This involves all aspects of people’s clothing, food, housing, travel, and play, and must meet the requirements of science. This level belongs to the micro level. It depends on the conscious actions of citizens and the government’s policies and regulations. It relies on the organization and education of the community to guide it. Everyone on the earth has the power to protect the earth, and has the power to enjoy everything on earth. The oceans, mountains, and forests are all natural and everyone should take care of them.

As citizens, our protection of the living environment directly or directly protects the natural environment; when we destroy the living environment, it will indirectly or directly destroy the natural environment.

As the government, it is necessary to focus on macro protection, but also to start from the micro, to mobilize the masses, educate the masses, and make environmental protection a conscious action of citizens.

Environmental issue is one of the most serious challenges for China in the 21st century. Protecting the environment is the basic national interest to ensure long-term stable economic growth and sustainable development. The solution to environmental problems is related to China’s national security, international image, the fundamental interests of the people, and the realization of a comprehensive well-off society. It is the basic responsibility and obligation of the government to provide a good resource and environmental basis for the social, so that everyone can have access to clean atmosphere, hygienic drinking water and safe food.

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Restricted-Calorie Diet(II)

  1. Pearl barley

Pearl barley is beneficial to water swelling, spleen and dampness, clearing heat and swelling, whitening, and out of freckle. A variety of amino acids in pearl barely can timely supplement the physical exertion under high temperature in summer and enhance immunity. Pearl barely has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays. The extracts used into cosmetics can achieve sunscreen effect. Drinking mung bean pearl barely water every day in summer can smooth the skin, reduce wrinkles and eliminate various spots.

Because of the nutrition in pearl barely is really high, it was called ‘‘healthy millet’’ in Europe. It was listed as anticarcinogenic food in Japan, so its social status is double increasing. Pearl barely has the characteristic that easy to be absorbed by our body, its foundation is very mild whatever it is used as nourish or medical treatment.

  1. Watermelon

The cool watermelon has the diuretic element, which makes the salt drain smoothly with the urine, and is also effective for cystitis, heart disease and kidney disease. In addition, it has a lot of potassium, so you should not underestimate its ability to modify your legs. The water content of watermelon is second to none in fruits, so it is especially suitable for supplementing the loss of human body water. In addition, it also contains a variety of amino acids with physiological skin activity, easy to be absorbed by the skin, has a good moisturizing, nourishing, sunscreen and whitening effect on the skin.

  1. Winter melon

Winter melon has sweet taste and is a low-calorie, water-rich vegetable with low fat content. It is an excellent vegetable in summer. The slimming effect of melon is mainly rich in the propanol diacid. This substance can inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat, thus preventing the body from accumulating fat and producing slimming effect. Because of its diuretic effect, it can eliminate leg edema. At the same time, it also has the effect of cooling, quenching thirst, eliminating heat, and detoxification.

  1. Spinach

Eat more spinach we can make the blood circulation more active, send fresh nutrients and oxygen to our body and restore body’s foundation. If you worried about dry skin and early wrinkles, you can eat more spinach! It can smooth your skin, too.

Spinach is rich in carotene, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, a certain amount of iron and other beneficial ingredients, can supply a variety of nutrients.

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The Most Romantic Tourist Attractions

Paris, French

  1. Eiffel Tower

It was built in 1889 for the international fair of the time. After it was built, it was subjected to many criticisms. It was said that a pile of rotten iron destroyed the beauty of Paris. Today, this tower, which has maintained the world’s highest architectural record for more than 40 years, has become the most important symbol of Paris. The romantic Parisian gave the tower a beautiful name “the shepherd in the clouds.” The Eiffel Tower was built on the occasion of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the French bourgeois revolution in 1789 at the sensational international fair.

  1. Versailles

It was originally the place where the royal family hunted. Louis XIV went (1682) to the royal palace during the French Revolution. This is also the place where all people come to Paris must visit. There is a huge royal garden behind the palace. Located 20 km west of Paris, the Palace of Versailles was built by Louis XIV and is known for its luxurious and imaginative architectural design. The total length of the complex is 580 meters, including the palace castle, the garden, Trianon, etc.

Standing on the most romantic land, there is always the urge to propose. Stroll along the banks of the Seine, overlook the Eiffel Tower, walk through the Palace of Versailles, let this art and fashion witness that holding your hand and aging with you.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is an island surrounded by the Aegean Sea. White churches, beautiful sunsets and magnificent sea views are all filled with warm love. It is the best place to find good luck and romance.

Kamari Beach is a rectangular black sand beach near Fira. The unique volcanic geology of Santorini creates the unique black sands of Kamari. It seems that the sand is black and the water is black. The black beach is popular with visitors, the sea is cool and clean, and it is said to have a cosmetic effect.

Provence, France

Provence is home to the world famous lavender and produces wines. Provence is also the “City of Knights” in Europe, the birthplace of the literary poems of the important literary genres. The air is filled with romantic lavender atmosphere. Provence is a splendid land with orange flower seas, sunflowers all over the wilderness, clear blue sky, pink flamingos, holy white snow mountains and purple lavenders all over the mountains. It has become the most romantic city of many lovers.

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The Famous Educational Methods in the World

三.Montessori: Special educational method

Montessori is born in Italy, have a good family education since childhood. She devote to support the developed opportunities and environment to the child, she is not only a great educationalist but also a famous scientist, she devote her lifetime for the child and the rebirth of human spirit.

The special educational method is to build the specialized educational place ‘‘Children’s home’’ that proposed by Montessori, studying every child’s individual difference carefully and let them accept the regular training to foster their good life etiquettes and sense training. She was insisted on continuing further study in medical college, although she against all odds and become the first doctress in Italy when she was 26. During this period, she came into contact with the toddlers who have developmental problems. She found that the acts of their hands can effect the intelligence development.

In 1898, Montessori pointed on a lecture: Children’s psychological defects are actually educational issues, not medical ones, so training and education are more necessary than treatment. Montessori has designed a set of ‘‘special observation rules’’ to observe the needs of low IQ children and help to improve their intelligence. Encourage these children to exercise themselves through ‘‘hand brain collaboration’’. Two years later, these children not only learned to read and write, but also completed the knowledge test that should be mastered as a normal child.

As a result, Montessori gradually turned to normal children. Since low-energy children can catch up with normal children through exercise, can healthy children achieve higher standards through exercise? She firmly believes that the continuous advancement of education can enhance human wisdom. However, the reality is that the level of intellectual development of many healthy children is either suppressed or delayed by the wrong educational concept, or both.

The “Children’s Home” created by Montessori has gradually shown astounding results. With the extensive coverage of media in various countries, more and more scholars are coming.

Montessori’s entire educational philosophy is summarized as follows: Education is to provide a correct orientation for children’s thoughts and behaviors, to order their thoughts and behaviors. This is a common shortcoming of children, such as selfishness, noisy, not listening, and talking, etc. These common shortcomings can be transformed into self-control, courtesy, and the ability to enjoy freedom and rules.

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5 Key rules, Your Child Must Know

Your child grows up day by day, and their behavioral qualities develop day by day. They acquire new skills and new perceptions at all ages. If parents set good examples and set strict rules for their children, they will follow them. We all expect to educate a good kid who is sensible and polite but no one wants to have a particularly capricious, unruliness child. So we have to teach the child about 5 key rules so that she or he has a good future.

  1. Say hello to acquaintance and friends.

When meet the acquaintances, then first to say hello; when get the help from others, then to say thank you. This is the basic etiquette which parents must train children to learn since childhood of their children. People who greet to people make us feel very polite, well-behaved, special sunshine and cheerful. So ordinarily we might set an example as well, seeing acquaintances then firstly greet, so that children also learned to greet as the good habit over time.

  1. Don’t throw things about at will.

Children are the most well-behaved. They will obey a habitual behavior pattern and habits from an early age, so it is very important to develop good habits and habits from an early age. Whether in other people’s homes or in their own homes, children should not be allowed to develop the habit of unconcernedly searching things, casually throwing things.

  1. No loud noises are allowed in public places.

In public places such as buses, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls and so on, it had better not let children play and make noise, and do not think it is the child’s nature.  If ignoring child’s noise, so to outsiders, the child is particularly uncultured. Usually parents must tell the child in public places, to keep quiet properly, avoiding to disturb others.

  1. Take others advantage, makeup own shortcomings.

Do not always look at other people’s weaknesses with magnifying their weaknesses, learn to discover their strengths and learn it. Normally we should also often know how to praise others because learning to praise others not only can make own progress, but also a respect for others.

  1. Say sorry if you make mistake.

When we do something wrong, we should be good at discovering our own mistakes and admit mistakes voluntarily. Instead of just hiding it and avoiding it, it will be easy to make mistakes next time. If someone does something that hurts us, it’s important to point out their mistakes and ask them to apologize rather than just patience.

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