About Chef(I)

The chef sends us delicious food, exquisite and savory cuisine always need great chef to achieve it. So today let us talk about chef.Click Here For More.


The chefs Cooks are people who take cooking as their profession and cook dishes as their main work.

The profession of chef appeared very early, and there were full-time chefs in the slave society. With the continuous improvement of social material civilization, the chef profession has been developing, and the full-time chef team has been expanding. According to relevant statistics, at the beginning of the 21st century, the world chef team has developed to tens of millions of people.

China is known for its culinary kingdom, with the most powerful and numerous cooks in the world. To some extent, the chefs are the second parents of humankind, the world’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have agreed to designate October 20 as Chef’s Day.

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