About Web Server(I)

Web Server is very popular to be applied such as Apache, Nginx, Kangle and so on. By this time let us understand about these web servers detailedly. WEB server is also called WWW (WORLD WIDE WEB) server. Its main function is to provide online information browsing service.Click Here For More.


Web servers can handle HTTP protocols. When the Web server receives an HTTP request, it returns an HTTP response, such as an HTML page.

To process a request, the Web server can respond to a static page or picture, redirect the page, or delegate the generation of dynamic response to other programs such as CGI script, ASP (Active Server Pages) scripts, JSP (Java Server Pages) script, servlets, server-side JavaScript, or some other server-side technology. Regardless of the purpose of these scripts, these server-side programs usually generate an HTML response to allow browsers to browse.Click Here For More.

Generally speaking, Web servers pages allow browsers to browse, but application servers provide methods that client applications can call. More precisely, you can say that Web Servers specialize in HTTP requests, but application Servers provide business logic for applications through many protocols.

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