Architectural Art (I)

Architectural art is a three-dimensional art form. It is through the organization of buildings, the shape of buildings, the layout of planes, the form of facades, the organization of interior and exterior spaces, and the structural modeling, that is, the composition, proportion, scale, color, texture and sense of space of buildings, as well as the decoration, painting and engraving of buildings. A comprehensive art formed by considerations and treatments in patterns, gardens, and furnishings. Before the birth of mankind, everything was in the natural world. After the human beings appeared, they built a shack for the shelter and excavated the cave, which became the first building in human history. After tens of thousands of years of development and progress, human requirements for architecture far exceed the original needs. The categories of architectural art are complex and varied. The architectural art image has a special function that reflects social life, spiritual outlook and economic foundation. The architectural art of the past generations is closely related to the historical era, geographical climate, national culture and customs of life, and is restricted by materials, structure and construction technology. Due to the cultural differences between China and the West, there are also great differences between Chinese and Western architecture in terms of materials, spatial layout, and architectural development.

Generalized architectural art

Architectural art is the essential attribute and essential feature of architecture different from general technical engineering and structure; its artistic nature lies in comprehensiveness, image and diversity, as well as professional characteristics, creative design and formal style, and is implemented in functional application and technical rationality. The whole process of coordinating operations with beautiful image. If so, the general architectural art is the sum of all the building resources, architectural art equals architecture, the two are synonymous, the two words can be universal and interchangeable, the word “art” can be omitted or retained. In other words, architectural art is a holographic concept of all-round and full-scale, and it is “the art of architecture in the whole world”. Function, technology and art: only function, called functionalism; only technology, called structuralism; only make surface articles on visual modeling, “visual volume performance”, called formalism or “aestheticism” Only the organic combination of the three is the complete architectural art and architecture. Click Here For More. The principles of architectural work and the principles of architectural design are “applicable, economical, and aesthetically pleasing”.


Narrow architectural art

Narrow architectural art refers to the aesthetic appearance of buildings, namely form beauty, volume modeling, space combination, composition, facade form and architectural expression. At this level, it is possible to temporarily not include functional and technical content. To put it another way: the general architectural art covers the “hardware” of function and technology and the “software” of image modeling, while the narrowly defined architectural art refers to the “software” of image modeling, namely design skills, techniques and language. These should be said to be two meanings and definitions of the broad and narrow sense of architectural art. Architectural art is art engineering, practical art, and living art.

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