The Bright Future of Video Advertising(I)

In recent days, video is more and more popular with us cause it can bring us shocking and direct feeling. It is more interesting compared with picture or words, which can catch our eyes to a large extent. So the video advertising appeared and get a great result in the advertising industry, in the future it will have a even better development.
The evolution of video

Once upon a time, there was only one place you could choose to serve video content to users: television. If you couldn’t afford TV advertising, you had to rely on just static imagery or text to tell your brand’s story.
By 2021, North Americans will have 13 internet-connected devices each, and residents of Western Europe will have 9, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecast. Between their phones, laptops, work laptops, smart TVs and tablets, they can consume video content in a variety of ways on a myriad of different platforms. And this proliferation of devices has bought with it a huge opportunity.
Those smaller advertisers who used to rely on static imagery can now tell their story with video, thanks to the accessibility of digital platforms. So far this year for the first time, minutes of video consumed online has exceeded that of TV, meaning that even advertisers who may previously have focused their video efforts on more traditional channels are waking up to user demand for consuming video online.

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