Steak For Children(I)

Steak is very popular food, sometimes we may taste a good meal with steak at home, certainly, sometimes such as holiday we may invite friends or accompany family members to go to local flavor steak restaurant to have a good try. But whether the parents consider to cook one meal of steak for your children and kids? Well, the most of answers are exactly never think of it. As concern of parents to your kids, let us try to learn this recipe of steak then in the weekend trying to cook steak for children. Recipe is below, please refer it.Click Here For More.

Nutrition of Food Materials


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Beef tenderloin, 2 pieces

Spaghetti, 1/2 bag

Broccoli, proper Click Here For More.

Carrots, proper

Butter, 1 pieces

Walnut oil (or olive oil), proper

Black pepper, less

The Largest Natural Reserve in China(II)

Since the Hoh Xil Administration has carried out wildlife rescue and scientific research, it has rescued 248 wild animals of various types, including 177 Tibetan antelopes. It has also established the highest altitude wildlife rescue center and laid the foundation for the rescue and research of highland wild animals. Carrying out basic scientific research, cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghai Provincial Forestry Bureau to carry out scientific research activities, cooperate with Zhejiang University and Qinghai University to carry out research projects on Tibetan antelope, and cooperate with Qinghai University Medical College to build the highest altitude plateau medical research base in China.Click Here For More.

Every year, the protected areas conduct publicity and education in the surrounding areas of the reserve,Click Here For More. publicize the significance of wildlife, ecological environment protection, relevant laws and regulations and hold symposiums with pastoralists, units, garrisons and masses in the surrounding areas to discuss the protection plan. To explain the wildlife protection to the drivers of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, and use the more than 100 publicity columns built on the 109 National Road for long-term publicity and education, and set up a stone propaganda monument on the 109 National Highway in the eastern edge of Hoh Xil. Strictly crack down on illegal activities such as poaching, catching, reselling, and transporting rare wild animals such as Tibetan antelope and their products. Illegal crossing is strictly prohibited. In November 2017, Qinghai Hoh Xil, Xinjiang Altun Mountain and Tibet Qiangtang National Nature Reserve jointly issued an announcement prohibiting all units or individuals from entering the protected area freely to carry out illegal crossing activities. The river basin in the reserve has almost all the protection areas, and there are many lakes. It is called the ”land of thousands of lakes”.

Close to the Desert, Close to the Nature(II)

The feature of the deserts


The soil in the dry regions has many mineral substance and a little organic manure. The accumulation of the water change some soil into the salty soil layer. The calcium carbonate precipitated in the salt solution can be used to dip the sand and stones into a 50-meter-thick “cement”.

The saltpeter layer is a common reddish brown to white layer of desert soil. The saltpeter layer is generally agglomerated or wrapped around mineral particles and is formed by a complex interaction between water and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide comes from the roots of plants, or rotten by-products of organic products. The climate is hot and the temperature difference is large in the morning and evening.


Most desert plants are drought-resistant or salt-tolerant plants. Some have water in the roots, stems and leaves; some have a large rhizome system that can reach the groundwater layer, stop the soil and prevent soil erosion; some have larger stems and leaves, which can reduce the wind speed and preserve the sand.

The distribution of plants in the desert is fewer, but there are many varieties. The saguaro in the desert of the southwestern United States can live for 200 years, grow to 15 meters, 10 tons, and become a tree in the desert. Saguaro grows very slowly, only 15 centimeters after 9 years, and the first branch is only 75 years old. Because of the size of the body, it looks like there are many cacti in the desert.

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Natural Phenomena- Thunder (Lightning Protection)

The lightning current generated during the occurrence of lightning is the main source of damage. The hazards include direct lightning strikes, induced lightning strikes, and intrusive mines guided by overhead lines. For example, overhead lines used in various lighting, telecommunications and other facilities may introduce lightning into the room, so it should be strictly guarded.

Lightning strikes

  1. Lack of lightning protection equipment, high-quality buildings, storage tanks, etc.
  2. Metal roof without good grounding
  3. Buildings, tree books in wet or open areas
  4. Due to the conductivity of the smoke, the chimney is particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes.
  5. There are radios on the building without lightning arresters and places that are not well grounded.

Method of preventing lightning

Emergency points:

  1. Pay attention to closing doors and windows. Indoor personnel should be away from metal objects such as doors and windows, water pipes and gas pipes.
  2. Turn off the household appliance and unplug the power cord to prevent lightning from intruding from the power cord.
  3. When you are outdoors, avoid it in time and don’t stay in the open field. When you have nowhere to hide in an open field, you should try to hide in low-lying places (such as pits), or immediately squat and lower your height.
  4. Stay away from isolated trees, towers, utility poles, billboards
  5. Stop outdoor swimming, boating, fishing and other water activities.
  6. If many people are outside, do not stand against each other to prevent transmitting to each other when the lightning strike.

Expert tips:

  1. Lightning protection devices must be installed on tall buildings to protect against lightning strikes.
  2. Do not use the phone outdoors
  3. For those who are struck by lightning, they should be rescued immediately by cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  4. Remember to take a bath as little as possible, solar energy users should not take a bath.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academicians of the International Academy have proposed a new generation of lightning protection technology that eliminates the risk of lightning and makes the protection target no longer subject to lightning strikes, called “smart lightning protection technology”. After more than ten years of research and development, the team of experts from the Electric Power Group of the Space Center have proved the rationality and feasibility of this technology. These lightning protection measures we should remember, it relates to our life safety.

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Content about Environmental Protection

Environmental protection covers a wide range and comprehensiveness. It involves many fields of natural sciences and social sciences, as well as its unique research objects. Environmental protection methods include: taking administrative, legal, economic, scientific and technological, etc., rationally utilizing natural resources, preventing environmental pollution and destruction, and seeking a balanced and sustainable development of the natural environment. Expand the reproduction of useful resources to ensure the development of society.

Natural environment

In order to prevent the deterioration of the natural environment, to protect mountains, green water, blue sky, sea and jungle is very important. This involves we cannot deforest trees, not over exploiting, not destroying the ecological balance of nature, etc. This level is macroscopic, and it can only be resolved by relying on the various levels of government to exercise their functions and conduct regulation. The protection of the natural environment needs everyone to do it!

Human environment

Make the environment more suitable for the needs of human work and labor. This involves all aspects of people’s clothing, food, housing, travel, and play, and must meet the requirements of science. This level belongs to the micro level. It depends on the conscious actions of citizens and the government’s policies and regulations. It relies on the organization and education of the community to guide it. Everyone on the earth has the power to protect the earth, and has the power to enjoy everything on earth. The oceans, mountains, and forests are all natural and everyone should take care of them.

As citizens, our protection of the living environment directly or directly protects the natural environment; when we destroy the living environment, it will indirectly or directly destroy the natural environment.

As the government, it is necessary to focus on macro protection, but also to start from the micro, to mobilize the masses, educate the masses, and make environmental protection a conscious action of citizens.

Environmental issue is one of the most serious challenges for China in the 21st century. Protecting the environment is the basic national interest to ensure long-term stable economic growth and sustainable development. The solution to environmental problems is related to China’s national security, international image, the fundamental interests of the people, and the realization of a comprehensive well-off society. It is the basic responsibility and obligation of the government to provide a good resource and environmental basis for the social, so that everyone can have access to clean atmosphere, hygienic drinking water and safe food.

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Nature Wonders of the World(Ⅱ)

  1. Blood Falls, Antarctica

Many people don’t have the opportunity to visit the Antarctic to see the Scarlet Falls, but even seeing it on the photo will be shocked by its majesty: the blood waterfall is stained with the white Taylor Glacier. This place was discovered in 1911 by geographer Thomas Taylor, a member of a desperate Antarctic expedition. Since then, glaciologists and microbiologists have been exploring the mysteries that what led to the red current, at last they have concluded that the rich iron in the underground lakes causes the water to become red like blood. The latest research shows, the microbes what survived under 1300 foot of ice rely on iron and sulfur. This is the most amazing landscape of the Antarctic continent, and its region is also one of the most exotic areas of the Antarctic: McMurdo Dry Valley, which is the most like Martian area on the planet. The McMurdo Dry Valley is located west of McMurdo Bay in Antarctica and consists of a series of valleys. The reason why it is called dry valley is because it is very dry, there is no trace of water vapor in the air, and there has been no precipitation for more than 2 million years. This area is the most severe desert on the planet, and it is the only place in the Antarctic that is not covered by snow.

  1. Surtsey, Iceland

When someone insists that there is nothing new on the planet, let them go to the Surtsey in Iceland. Before 1963, it did not exist. After that, an underwater volcano erupted on Westerman Island. When the volcanic activity ceased in 1967, a small island appeared. Surtsey is only one square mile (about 258 hectares) at the time, but the constant erosion of wind and water has reduced its area by half. Surtsey is a volcanic island off the coast of Iceland and the southernmost place of Iceland. For protect this island, the Icelandic government bans visitors entering Surtsey, allowing only marine biologists, geologists, botanists and other scientists to conduct research. Now, scientists must carefully check the soles before going to the island to confirm that they have not brought new species to the island. Always keep the earth’s new ecosystem free of pollution. The world is full of wonders, everyone of us has the curiosity, for that reason we can explore this unknown world.

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