About Gene Editing Research, Several Test Results have not been Disclosed (II)

”China (the CCP) is seeking a comprehensive long-term strategy to become a leader in biotechnology, especially in the field of medical biotechnology,” the report writes. ”Biotechnology is included in strategic emerging industries, and it is also an industry designated by ‘Made in China 2025’ and ‘13th Five-Year Plan’.”check here

The ”Made in China 2025” policy has repeatedly referred to medical biotechnology as a strategic industry. In addition, the CCP’s 13th five-year bio-industry development plan also publicly refers to the extensive development of biotechnology, and set the goal of China to lead the global biomedical technology frontier by 2020. Genetic editing is naturally the focus of medical biotechnology, and has been receiving subsidies and support from the CCP’s industrial and technological policies. In the ”13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Innovation Plan” document, at least five times, the gene editor was mentioned and classified as ”the development of subversive technology leading the industrial change”, requiring relevant departments to ”pay attention to genetic editing”.

According to the published scientific literature statistics, China’s research in this field has been very active in recent years. At present, there are 52 studies on the use of CRISPR for improving crop traits. The number of published papers from China is twice that of the United States, accounting for 42% and 19% of the articles, respectively. However, if the scope of the literature search is expanded and keywords such as “plant engineering” and “CRISPR” are input, the proportion of total papers in China is roughly the same as that in the United States. In order to seize the future of biotechnology leadership, the CCP is using international resources to promote the development of China’s biotechnology industry. On the one hand, it aims to attract foreign investment and expand the scale of investment of Chinese biotechnology companies. check here On the other hand, it encourages Chinese biotech companies to go overseas, cooperate with American universities and research institutions, recruit researchers trained in the United States, acquire advanced technology, human medical and genetic data from the United States. To this end, the report recommends that CFIUS strengthen its review of Chinese-funded proposals for US biotechnology.

The cooperation between CCP and the United States attract attention

The report also mentioned that China has obtained the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of the United States, the certificate of the CLIA system, and has been appraised and accepted by the College of American Pathologists. It can participate in the US medical system and obtain medical and health data in the United States. In contrast, the Chinese (CCP) law prohibits China’s relevant data from being transmitted abroad, even if it is used for scientific purposes. At the same time, the CCP still has many laws that require the government to provide cooperation with biological companies on the grounds of national security. check here The US-China Economic Security Review Committee was established in 2001 by the US Congress to monitor the impact of US-China contacts on the US economy and security. The committee listens to experts from various industries every year and publishes various reports to evaluate US-China relations.

Robotic Probe in China(II)

Tidal forces on Earth slow down the Moon’s rotation to the point where it always faces the Earth on the same side. The other side, mostly invisible from the earth, is the other side of the moon. However, it is not the “dark side” of the moon, because the far side of the moon is exposed to the sun as well as the “near side” or saying “dark side” facing us.

Although the spacecraft has been photographed extensively from the Soviet probe in 1959, it has not yet landed softly, so scientists around the world have not been able to observe and investigate it at close range.Click Here For More.

The scientific mission of the project is to conduct low-frequency astronomical observations, investigate landing landscapes, mineral composition and geological structure, and study the lunar environment of elements such as neutron radiation and neutral atoms. Interpretation by the administrative department.

Robotic Probe functions

Chang’e IV mission will enable scientists to discover unknown information about the moon. Scientists involved in the project pointed out that they could also use the far shield layer to resist the Earth’s interference, thus making a clearer observation of deep space.

Chang’e IV’s rover has six wheels, two solar panels, a radar disk and multiple cameras, displaying pictures released by China’s National Space Administration.

Liu Jizhong said “that Chang’e IV has been engineered to fit the complex landscape and sophisticated communication conditions on the far side of the moon”, as director of China National Space Administration’s Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center.

In addition to China’s scientific equipment, Chang’e IV also includes scientific equipment developed by the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Saudi Arabia. In May this year, China launched a relay satellite with the mission of transmitting signals between Chang’e IV and the ground control station.

Some Information About Science And Technology(I)

Here we go, there are some related information about science and technology. Social platform giant Facebook took an action to block massive accounts because of Us midterms. Eurostar resets passwords because of attach from hackers. In guangzhou city of China, Self-driving taxis have already ran. Let have a read below,Click Here For More.

More than 100 Accounts Blocked by Facebook

On October 17, 2018, a man worked in a war room in Menlo Park, California, where Facebook monitored election-related content. Facebook says it has blocked more than 100 accounts potentially linked to Russia’s so-called “roll farm”, which may try to intervene in Tuesday’s mid-term elections in the United States.

The social media giant said in a statement Wednesday that Facebook and Instagram accounts had been blocked before the vote. Facebook said the company made the move after a tip from law enforcement officials.Click Here For More.

they were “engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior, which is banned from our services.” Facebook said. And also Facebook denote “Among these blocked accounts, there are 85 Instagram accounts and 30 Facebook pages, most of which are in French or Russian. Instagram accounts are mostly in English.” Other passengers will be told that they have been blocked and the next time they try to log in, they will be asked to reset their details.

Where’s Time Come From?(III)

Is time the foundation of the universe?

Time and space are the framework for us to develop all current theories of the universe, but there are still some questions. May they be the later, or secondary characteristics of the universe? Perhaps the laws of the universe are fundamentally based on some kind of “Frontal space” and “Frontal time”, and these “time and space” come from something which is more basic.

Now, it is clear that what we experience in our daily life is a three-dimensional world and one-dimensional time. But back to the Big Bang – we don’t know how the universe was born in the big bang, but we think quantum mechanics may be related to this – maybe what we call the concept of classic time and space, everything seems to be clear definition, maybe it’s all over. Therefore, perhaps not only the material world and energy, but even time and space itself is a special product of the early stages of the universe. we do not know. This work remains to be studied.

If multiple universes exist, do they have a common clock?

Comparing the time of different observers and different places, even in the same universe is a very delicate thing. When you talk about the rate of the clock, for example, near the surface of a black hole, the speed of the clock is very different from the clock on Earth. Therefore, there is no common clock in a universe.

However, if there is a multiverse now, no matter whether each universe has its own time, you can only compare the time of the two universes with a certain signal or transmission path. It depends on your multi-universe model. Now cosmologists have come up with many models. In one of the models that are often talked about, the universe seems to be in an expansive superstructure-its shape likes a bubble-and there is no direct comparison of two bubbles, from it, we have no method to compare the differences of two bubbles. When we look at the world, we see a clearly coherent and fluid narrative, but in reality, the brain is constantly bombarded by data from different senses and integrated.

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The Current Situation in the Steel Market

The symbolic year in the steel market is in 2017. The world economic recovery will continue to consolidate in 2018, the prospect of the world market is optimistic. IMF will increase the global output up to 3.7% according to the newly released The World Economic Outlook Report in January, 2018, it increased 0.1 percent point compare with the predicting of The World Economic Outlook Report in October, 2017, and increased 0.5 percent point comparing with 2016. These are indicate the good basics of economic recovery.

As for 2018, with the constant implement of deepening the structural reform and the principle of ‘‘three eliminations, one reduction, one supplement’’. China’s economy will be further accelerated in terms of structural optimization, the old and new drivers of growth transformation, and the quality of development. According to the information released by China iron and steel industry association, the operation quality and efficiency of the steel industry have been greatly improved in the first three quarters of this year, with a total profit of 22.9963 billion yuan, up 86.01% year on year.

According to the production, in the first three quarters, the total production of iron, crude steel and steel in China is 0.579 billion, 0.699 billion and 0.821 billion respectively. The steel industry is a typical cost addition type industry, its profit is not necessarily related with the price of raw material. The real test proves that the tradition cannot explain the essence of business operation. The raising profits of investment scale business can realize through marginal cost or optimal cost to change the relative location of costing carve.

In view of the domestic situation, the 19th CPC national congress was successfully held, and the direction of economic reform and development was further defined: quality and efficiency first; supply-side structural reform as the main line; quality reform, efficiency reform and power reform of economic development should be promoted, and total factor productivity should be improved.

Firstly, the traditional ”troika” will continue to drive economic steady growth. Secondly, the supply-side structural reform further improve the quality of economic development. And China’s steel market is mainly to meet domestic demand. Although the external demand environment has been improved, due to frequent international trade frictions under the trend of anti-globalization, although the steel export situation can be improved, which has limited effect on promoting the growth of China’s steel demand.

At the same time, with the domestic economic restructuring and transformation, the continuous deepening of supply-side structural reform in the downstream industry will bring about changes in the steel market demand. In the past, the attention to the growth of demand scale will gradually turn to the attention to the changes in the demand structure, which will lead to major adjustments in the development strategy and competition strategy of steel enterprises. A new round of export tariff adjustment comes into effect on January, 2018. And with canceling the export tariff of the steel, the future situation of steel export will be improved.

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The Ranking of Technology in the World III

  1. Israel

People with Jewish descent have won many Nobel Prizes, but many may not know that Israel is not only good at military, but also scientifically and technically, although they have many military equipment from the United States, they also helped American researchers to research and improve weapons and equipment.

Israel has a high level of education, 24% of the workforce having a graduate degree or above, ranking first in the world. In the past ten years, Israeli scientists have made outstanding achievements in many fields and made outstanding contributions to the development of the world’s science and technology, especially in electronics and chemistry.

In the past ten years, Israeli scientists have made outstanding achievements in many fields and made outstanding contributions to the development of the world’s science and technology, especially in electronics and chemistry.

Many high-tech companies in the United States have set up R&D centers in Israel to take advantage of the intelligence and wisdom of Israelis (unlike China, Israelis are involved in and undertake key scientific research and product development).

Although Israel lacks resources, the greatest resource is their mind.

  1. Sweden

The judge of Nobel Prize is a Swede and can be recognized by the world. It also proves that Sweden has first-class scientists and has the ability to assess the world’s top scientific research. If you don’t have such a level, no one will admit it). Sweden has a population of only 9 million, but 38% of the workforce is employed by high-tech companies (such as Ericsson), which ranks first in the world! Swedes are also one of the most loved countries in the world, the quality of national science occupies number one.

The Chinese imagine that Sweden is a high-welfare country, people live very leisurely, but Sweden implements a very strict competitive education model. All courses are divided into dozens of grades from easy to difficult, rather than grades and classes. In 20 key scientific and technological fields, 14 of Sweden are in the top 10 and 19 are in the top 20.

  1. Italy

Italians can design the best outfits and lead the fashion trend… This seems to have nothing to do with natural science and technology, but it reflects the Italians’ ability to innovate. In fact, Italy also has Agustin-Whitlan helicopters, such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and other super sports cars, with world-class car manufacturing technology.

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The Didi App Services in Osaka

On September 27th, Didi Japan held a press conference in Osaka, announcing the local taxi service in the local area. With the launch of Didi’s local service in Japan, Didi users in China can start calling directly in Japan; Didi International Edition also realizes roaming between Japan, Australia and Mexico.

According to reports, Osaka is Japan’s most active industrial and commercial center, with more than 8.83 million inhabitants, and receives more than 11 million visitors each year. By far it is the largest city in the international business network. At present, Didi’s services in Osaka include the Osaka City Traffic Circle and the Quanzhou Traffic Circle where Kansai Airport is located. According to reports, Didi has added the in-terminal information to the Japanese service for real-time translation of Chinese and Japanese texts, facilitating the use of Chinese roaming users and Japanese drivers to communicate and improve communication efficiency. In addition, Didi has a Chinese-Japanese bilingual customer service in Japan to provide local support for roaming users in China. It is introduced that Japanese taxi company representatives attended the conference. The head of the first transportation industry of taxi company said that the main attraction of cooperation with Didi is the digital management and dispatching platform introduced from China.

Lin Li, the person in charge of Japan, said that this vehicle online management platform was born out of the “Guyu” system. The “Guyu” system is the most widely used taxi intelligent dispatch system in the world through the iterative cooperation between Didi and long-term cooperation with hundreds of taxi companies in China and South America.

According to reports, Japan is one of the top three taxi markets in the world; but it also faces the challenge of high prices and shrinking markets. After the new CEO of Uber took office in 2017, he paid more and more attention to the Japanese market. Since the beginning of this year, the two companies have waged an active scramble in the Japanese taxi industry. At present, Uber has carried out trial operation in Kojima Awaji near Kyoto.

Since 2018, Didi has continuously promoted its internationalization strategy. At present, while Didi stepped up domestic safety rectification, it is still expanding into markets such as Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Didi services in Osaka also marks it will competitive with Uber again in the main market of Asia after it purchase the China Uber in 2016.

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