The Inspections of the Antarctic Region

International activities

In December 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was signed by 12 countries. Its main content is: Antarctica is only used for peaceful purposes, guaranteeing the freedom of scientific investigation in the Antarctic region, promoting international cooperation in scientific investigations, prohibiting all military activities, nuclear explosions and radioactive waste in the Antarctic region, and freezing The territorial requirements for the Antarctic. Many countries in the world have joined the Antarctic here

China and Antarctica: China’s first scientific expedition to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean began in November 1984. This time the Antarctic expedition to form a team of nearly 600 people. From Shanghai, crossed the vast Pacific Ocean and advanced into the George Islander of the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica. Then, the formation team was divided into two roads. The Antarctic expedition team built a station and conducted a polar expedition in Antarctica with the full assistance of J121. After an arduous struggle, the Antarctic expedition built the Great Wall Station of China’s first Antarctic research station on George Island on February 15, 1985. At the same time as the construction of the station, the polar scientific investigation was carried out, mainly in the fields of geology, geomorphology, biology, meteorology, surveying and mapping, geophysics, marine environment and high-altitude atmospheric physics. The probe recorded 60 hours of cosmic atmosphere “whistle”; the earthquake recorded 18 seismic signals in the Antarctic Peninsula and obtained a number of valuable specimens, samples, data and information.

The sea area covered by the Southern Ocean has a span of 7 latitudes from north to south and 14 longitudes from east to west. The projects under investigation include 6 disciplines including marine biology, meteorology, chemistry, geology and geophysics, and 23 projects. The Southern Ocean expedition completed a comprehensive survey of multidisciplinary and multi-projects in the 100,000-square-kilometer sea area, and obtained tens of thousands of data, samples and data. The Antarctic expedition team withdrew from the Antarctic on February 28, 1985 and returned to the motherland on April 10. China’s first scientific investigation of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, from sailing to returning to China, lasted 142 days and traveled at 48,955 kilometers. It was an unprecedented feat in the history of Chinese scientific investigation click here It marks that China’s polar expedition has entered a new stage, making China one of the world’s Antarctic expeditions.

The Antarctic is the only continent on earth that has not been inhabited yet, because this place has a temperature of -80°C to – 60°C all year round, and there are often blizzards with winds of up to 12 levels raging on this continent. Despite this, some tenacious animals have chosen this desolate continent to survive for generations. The extreme light illuminates the winter sky. Antarctica is waking up from the winter. This is the coldest and windy place in the world. The temperature is still hovering at a horrible minus 50 degrees Celsius, and the sun’s rays that have just recovered are hardly warm. Few animals can tolerate such an extremely harsh environment.


Malaysia Tour About LangKawi(I)

Langkawi is one of the famous tourist attractions in Malaysia. Bright green seawater and long and flat beaches make up a paradise seaside resort. From November to February of next year, it is the peak season for travelling. The airline’s tickets and hotels need to be booked in advance. There are taxis on the island and the short-distance is about 7 Ringgit, but it can not be called in remote places. The average taxi fare is 20-25 ringgit per hour if you rent whole taxi which is not convenient. Click Here For More. Accommodation on the island is mainly concentrated in KUAH, Pantal Cenang. In peak season, booking in advance is necessary, while in off season, it is more economical to go directly to the hotel for accommodation. The common language is English, or the local Malay language. Let’s take a look at this beautiful island.

Brief of PuLau Langkawi

Lankawi Islands, Malaysia’s largest island group, consists of 99 islands, located in the Strait of Malacca, north of Penang Island, close to Thailand. The area is 526 square kilometers. The main peak is 850 meters above sea level.Click Here For More.

Legend of Langkawi

The word “Langkawi” is a combination of the ancient Malay word “helang” and “kawi”. Malaysian classical literature describes the island as a resting place for riding and divine birds. There are many legendary stories about the island,Click Here For More. of which Mahsuri’s story is well known: the falsely accused Princess cursed the island before she died in anger. To prove her innocence, her body bled white and the beach in Lankawi was dyed white. Her mausoleum is near KUAH.

Visit to Beijing of China(I)

Beijing, is the capital of China, Click Here For More. has a lot of mystery things referring to culture, building and food. So attracting so many tourist from worldwide through these historical building and traditional food is very simple. Normally it is called food heaven and imperial delights by the most of tourists. Dining out is the main social activity for local people in Beijing. It is in restaurants that Beijinger party with their friends, hold family reunions, romance each other and do business. According to statics data, there are six world heritage sites in Beijing and one less site comparing with Egypt.


Beijing is located in the north of the North China Plain, backed by Yanshan Mountains, adjacent to Tianjin and Hebei Province in China. Beijing is located at 115.7-117.4 degrees longitude in the east, 39.4-41.6 degrees latitude in the north, 39 degrees 54’20” latitude in the north, 116 degrees 25’29” longitude in the east, with a total area of 16410.54 square kilometers. The mountainous area of Beijing covers 10,200 square kilometers, accounting for 62% of the total area, while the plain area covers 6,200 square kilometers, accounting for 38% of the total area. The topography of Beijing is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. Beijing has an average altitude of 43.5 meters.Click Here For More.

Culture of Beijing

Beijing residents have about 500,000 religious believers, accounting for 4% of population of Beijing. The main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism, meanwhile Buddhism, Taoism and Islam have exerted great influence on Beijing’s history, culture and art. There are more than 100 places for religious activities in Beijing.Click Here For More.

The Ways of On-line Marketing(I)

  1. Advertorial Marketing

Advertorial advertising, as its name suggests, is a “text ad” written by a market planner or an advertising company’s copywriter in relation to a hard ad. Compared with hard advertisements, the advertorial is called soft ad, and it does not directly make people feel the disgust of advertising. By the time you find out that this is a soft article ad, you have fallen into the well-designed ‘‘trap’’. It pursues a silent propagation effect. The soft text ad is the most powerful marketing method that has the characteristics of conquering the unyielding with the yielding.Click Here For More.

  1. Experience Marketing

Experience marketing focuses on user experience, with mobile Internet as the main communication platform, and with traditional online media and mass media, through the strategic, manageable and sustainable O2O online and offline interactive communication to establish, transform and strengthen customer relationships. A series of processes that achieve customer value. Experience marketing from the view of five aspects: consumers’ sense, feel, think, act, and relate, redefining and designing marketing thinking.Click Here For More.

This way of thinking breaks through the traditional assumption of “rational consumers” and believes that consumers are both rationality and sensibility when they purchase. Before, during and after consumption are the key to study of consumer behavior and business brand. Experience marketing represents SNS, Weibo, micro-movie, WeChat, micro-vision, micro-life, micro-e-commerce, etc. As a new media form, which provides a possibility for enterprises or individuals to achieve low-cost communication outside the traditional form of advertising promotion.

The World’s Longest Crossing Sea Bridge — The Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (I)

On October 23, 2018, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was opened to traffic.

To this end, the top leaders of China rushed to Guangdong to witness this moment. Century projects in history have profoundly affected human social life. Similarly, as the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world, some people are still paying attention to its construction cost, the number of future traffic and when it will pay back. Standing at the height of history, the significance of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is immeasurable.

In 1983, Hong Kong chaebol Hu Yingxiang first proposed to build a cross-sea bridge to connect Hong Kong with Zhuhai. Because of his wide-ranging relationship in the mainland, he has laid out many highways and real estates in the Pearl River Delta, and has been calling for it for many years. At that time, the mainland just opened the country door and everything was born. The attitude of British Hong Kong Government is cold on this idea. “The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge will have actual demand after 20 years.” In 2002, the Pearl River Delta developed as the world factory. In order to connect the expressways on both sides of the Pearl River, Guangdong is preparing to build a tunnel from Shenzhen to Zhuhai, and it has specially rushed to Hong Kong to attract investment. The chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Zhan Kangxin was shocked. If the bridge was built first, Hong Kong would be marginalized. Hong Kong is just like a dream. The Mainland has proposed a “Double Y Scheme”: a Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau and Shenzhen, two special economic zones and two special administrative regions are connected by a bridge. However, Hong Kong changed the double Y scheme to a single Y scheme and excluded Shenzhen.

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The Top Place to Travel in the World(II)

Petra, Jordan

The ancient city of Petra (9 BC – 40 AD) is a historic city in southern Jordan. It is one of the mysterious ancient cities in the desert of southern Jordan and one of Jordan’s most prestigious historic sites. On July 8, 2007, he was selected as the new Seven Wonders of the World. The ancient city of Petra is located in the desert of southern Jordan, about 260 kilometers from the capital Amman and 1000 meters above sea level. It is almost entirely carved out of the rock, and the rock of Petra’s ruins has a jewel-reddish hue that glows in the sun. The special landform makes it a beautiful color, so it is also known as the “Old City of Roses”.

If this Wonder of the Ancient World isn’t already on your bucket list, it should be. Early next year, the Petra Museum is slated to open, telling the story of this magical place. “Travel to the Middle East is making a comeback, indicating travelers want to explore the region for themselves, beyond the media headlines,” says Jenny Gray, Intrepid Travel’s regional product manager for the Middle East. “The travel ban proposed by President Trump in 2017 appears to have actually spurred interest in the region, with travelers wanting to learn about the countries they continually hear about in the news and make their own decisions about them.” Intrepid Travel, which offers 22 different itineraries in Jordan, has seen a 112 percent growth on bookings to the Middle East.


I think that Singapore will be one of the top travel destinations. Singapore is a multicultural immigrant country. Promoting racial harmony is the core policy of government governance. Singapore is known for its stable political situation, clean and efficient government, and is one of the most international countries in the world. It’s terrain is undulating and gentle. Its western and central regions are composed of hilly land. Most of it is covered by woods. The eastern and coastal areas are plains. The highest point is Bukit Timah, which is 163 meters high. Singapore’s tourism industry accounts for more than 3% of GDP, and tourism is one of the main sources of foreign exchange in Singapore. Visitors mainly come from ASEAN countries, China, Australia, India and Japan.

It comes at an apt time as the small nation-state is celebrating the bicentennial of its founding by Sir Stamford Raffles, Changi Airport recently unveiled its swanky new terminal, and the iconic Raffles Singapore is set to emerge mid-year from a top-to-bottom renovation by Champalimaud. It will join several other exciting new hotels, including the Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore in a renovated heritage building, Six Senses Duxton and Six Senses Maxwell, and three new hotels on Sentosa Island by Far East Hospitality. Singapore is also the paradise of delicious food. The diverse culture, rich history and delicious food make Singapore become more and more popular.

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The Most Popular Tourist Destination in China(III)

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is 105 kilometers long and 63 kilometers wide. The lake is 3196 meters above sea level. It is the largest inland lake and saltwater lake in China. It is located in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, northwest of Xining City, and is located at 99°36′ – 100°16′ east longitude. Between 36°32′ and 37°15′ north latitude. The lake is surrounded by four high mountains: Datong Mountain to the north, Riyue Mountain to the east, Nanshan Mountain to the south, and Rubber Mountain to the west. The four mountains are at an altitude of 3,600 to 5,000 meters above sea level. Qinghai Lake covers an area of 4,456 square kilometers, with a circumference of more than 360 kilometers, more than double the famous Taihu Lake. The lake is long in east and west, narrow in the north and south, and slightly elliptical. The average depth of Qinghai Lake is about 21 meters, the maximum water depth is 32.8 meters, the water storage capacity is 105 billion cubic meters, and the lake surface elevation is 3260 meters. About 200 kilometers from Xining. There are nearly 30 large and small rivers in the lake area. There are two sub-lakes on the east bank of the lake, Gahai Lake, covering an area of 48 square kilometers, which is salt water; Erhai, covering an area of 8 square kilometers, is fresh water.


Haba Snow Mountain Nature Reserve is located in the southeast of Shangri-La County, 130 kilometers away from the county seat, with a total area of 21,908 hectares. It is a provincial-level protected area and was established in 1982. The main peak is 5396 meters above sea level, and the lowest point is the administrative village of Jiangbian, only 1550 meters, and the altitude difference is 3896 meters. More than 4,000 meters in the entire protected area are steep cliffs and alpine flowing rocks. The landforms are stepped, followed by subtropical, temperate, cold temperate, and cold zones. The temperature difference from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain is 22.8°C. The traffic in Shangri-La is mainly highways, mainly including the highway transportation network of Yunnan-Tibet Highway, Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Kangzang Highway. On December 24th, 2017, Shangri-La was selected as one of the top 200 Chinese Charismatic Cities in 2017.

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The Most Romantic Tourist Attractions

Paris, French

  1. Eiffel Tower

It was built in 1889 for the international fair of the time. After it was built, it was subjected to many criticisms. It was said that a pile of rotten iron destroyed the beauty of Paris. Today, this tower, which has maintained the world’s highest architectural record for more than 40 years, has become the most important symbol of Paris. The romantic Parisian gave the tower a beautiful name “the shepherd in the clouds.” The Eiffel Tower was built on the occasion of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the French bourgeois revolution in 1789 at the sensational international fair.

  1. Versailles

It was originally the place where the royal family hunted. Louis XIV went (1682) to the royal palace during the French Revolution. This is also the place where all people come to Paris must visit. There is a huge royal garden behind the palace. Located 20 km west of Paris, the Palace of Versailles was built by Louis XIV and is known for its luxurious and imaginative architectural design. The total length of the complex is 580 meters, including the palace castle, the garden, Trianon, etc.

Standing on the most romantic land, there is always the urge to propose. Stroll along the banks of the Seine, overlook the Eiffel Tower, walk through the Palace of Versailles, let this art and fashion witness that holding your hand and aging with you.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is an island surrounded by the Aegean Sea. White churches, beautiful sunsets and magnificent sea views are all filled with warm love. It is the best place to find good luck and romance.

Kamari Beach is a rectangular black sand beach near Fira. The unique volcanic geology of Santorini creates the unique black sands of Kamari. It seems that the sand is black and the water is black. The black beach is popular with visitors, the sea is cool and clean, and it is said to have a cosmetic effect.

Provence, France

Provence is home to the world famous lavender and produces wines. Provence is also the “City of Knights” in Europe, the birthplace of the literary poems of the important literary genres. The air is filled with romantic lavender atmosphere. Provence is a splendid land with orange flower seas, sunflowers all over the wilderness, clear blue sky, pink flamingos, holy white snow mountains and purple lavenders all over the mountains. It has become the most romantic city of many lovers.

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Tourist Destinations in America- Las Vegas and Miami

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada, USA, and a city with a high international reputation. Las Vegas was built on May 15, 1905. Because of its desert edge and border in Nevada, Las Vegas is hot all year round. It is one of the world’s four major casinos. It is a world-famous holiday city centered on gambling, traveling, shopping and vacation. It has the reputation of world entertainment capital and marriage capital. Among the 38.9 million travelers who come to Las Vegas every year, the majority of those who go shopping and enjoy food are in majority. From a humble village to a huge international city, Las Vegas took only ten years.

If you are poor and have a few dollars left, you may be able to turn over the salted fish in Las Vegas. If you can’t spend more money, you may experience the life style of slum when you go to Las Vegas. This is Las Vegas, with extremely hell on one side and heaven on the other. The way that Las Vegas attractions presented is different from the normal cities, its more is biased towards things and stories. Whether a quick vacation or a sightseeing tour, your most of minutes you spend will be meaningful in the city.

Many kinds of the stunning hotels are on the Long Street, the cafeterias of different styles, the mega-modern sculptures and the weird museums are all the most unique attractions in Las Vegas. In addition, if you have enough time, you can visit Red Rock Canyon in the west, Death Valley National Park and Lake Mead in the east, all of which are top destinations in the United States. Miami is located between Biscayne Bay, Florida’s Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second largest city in the state after Jacksonville and the largest city in Miami-Dade County. Miami is an international metropolis with an important position in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, art and international trade. It is the headquarters of many companies, banks and television stations.

From December to April, Miami is a holiday destination for travellers and the best season to visit the Everglades National Park. Like other cities in South Florida, Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The ‘hurricane season’ is from June 1st to November 30th of each year, such as heavy rainfall, strong winds and thunderstorms may occur. Due to the low season of tourism, the price of tickets for hotels and attractions will be lowered accordingly, which is the lowest season for tourism consumption.

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