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Environmental protection covers a wide range and comprehensiveness. It involves many fields of natural sciences and social sciences, as well as its unique research objects. Environmental protection methods include: taking administrative, legal, economic, scientific and technological, etc., rationally utilizing natural resources, preventing environmental pollution and destruction, and seeking a balanced and sustainable development of the natural environment. Expand the reproduction of useful resources to ensure the development of society.

Natural environment

In order to prevent the deterioration of the natural environment, to protect mountains, green water, blue sky, sea and jungle is very important. This involves we cannot deforest trees, not over exploiting, not destroying the ecological balance of nature, etc. This level is macroscopic, and it can only be resolved by relying on the various levels of government to exercise their functions and conduct regulation. The protection of the natural environment needs everyone to do it!

Human environment

Make the environment more suitable for the needs of human work and labor. This involves all aspects of people’s clothing, food, housing, travel, and play, and must meet the requirements of science. This level belongs to the micro level. It depends on the conscious actions of citizens and the government’s policies and regulations. It relies on the organization and education of the community to guide it. Everyone on the earth has the power to protect the earth, and has the power to enjoy everything on earth. The oceans, mountains, and forests are all natural and everyone should take care of them.

As citizens, our protection of the living environment directly or directly protects the natural environment; when we destroy the living environment, it will indirectly or directly destroy the natural environment.

As the government, it is necessary to focus on macro protection, but also to start from the micro, to mobilize the masses, educate the masses, and make environmental protection a conscious action of citizens.

Environmental issue is one of the most serious challenges for China in the 21st century. Protecting the environment is the basic national interest to ensure long-term stable economic growth and sustainable development. The solution to environmental problems is related to China’s national security, international image, the fundamental interests of the people, and the realization of a comprehensive well-off society. It is the basic responsibility and obligation of the government to provide a good resource and environmental basis for the social, so that everyone can have access to clean atmosphere, hygienic drinking water and safe food.

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