Educational Reform Should be Started from the Parental Teaching (IV)

  1. Parents can take their children as the center of the world, but don’t forget that parents have to live an independent life. If parents turn around their children and do not have their own life theme, such parents often interfere with the child’s growth. Sometimes, it is not the child who cannot leave the parents, but the parents cannot leave the children.
  2. Parents need to take responsibility for educating their children. However, don’t completely cancel your leisure life because they educate their children. “If you have no responsibility, you will hurt others; if you have too much responsibility, you will hurt yourself.”
  3. If you pick up the child as soon as the child is crying, then the child will use the characteristics of the parents to often entangle the parents and ask for more. Therefore, if the child crying, don’t hurry to pick up, parents should let them know this behavior is not the correct.
  4. Education is the cultivation of people’s spiritual looks. The mission of parents and teachers is to let children gradually take responsibility for their spiritual outlook, remove all kinds of filth that may be contaminated, and cultivate the spiritual “seeds” of people, so that people can breathe the fresh air, and people can feel elated.

  1. Let your child become a educated person, educate from punctuality, line up, do not speak loudly in public, and don’t start anger easily.
  2. Be a good person. If your child is more kind, please don’t laugh at his weakness. People who like to gain petty advantages often suffer big losses because he is disgusted by others. Eat a small loss not only can win people’s admiration, but also learn the great wisdom of life.
  3. The vitality of the body can bring spiritual vitality. A person who has a healthy body, he will have a sunny temper. People who are in poor health are hesitant to do things and dodge.
  4. Do not think that children 1 to 6 years old is only the age of developing body. If the parents let the small children stay with their grandparents or grandparents, and they picks up the child back to elementary school when the child is 6 years old, then the child will either become a silent one in elementary school or become troublemaker.
  5. Always do three things with your child: one is to eat with your child, to invite the child to repair the toy, furniture or clothing, and occasionally invite the child to help solve the difficulties in the work. The third is to tell the story to the child and invite the child to tell the story.
  6. Tell the children stories and invite them to tell stories themselves. Let the children start reading and writing habits from listening to the stories, let the children learn to read independently as soon as possible, and develop the habit of reading as soon as possible. “As long as you are still studying, you will not be completely degraded. People who are completely degraded will not study.” Parents who never tell story to their children are irresponsible parents.

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