Good Outdoor Recreation: Rock Climbing(I)

Outdoor recreation already have been focused by the most of people and very popular to participate by Sports enthusiasts. Well, meanwhile, the Rock climbing is more popular among massive outdoor recreations. What is its attraction? Let me tell you about it.Click Here For More.

Brief of rock climbing

Rock climbing, known as “rock ballet” and “artistic gymnastics on cliffs”, derives from mountain climbing. It is an important event in extreme sports and is very popular in the world.

Rock climbing also belongs to mountain climbing. The main objects of climbing are rock cliffs or artificial rock walls. The climbing without tools, only rely on the balance of hands and feet and body upward movement, hands and arms according to the different fulcrum, using a variety of force methods, such as grasp, grip, hang, matting, support, push, pressure, etc., so people’s strength requirements and body flexibility requirements are higher.Click Here For More. When climbing, safety belts and protective ropes should be fastened, and ropes should be equipped to avoid danger.

Rock climbing is a competitive sport derived from mountain climbing. The 1950s originated in the former Soviet Union and existed as a military training program in the army. It was included in the world competition in 1974.

In the 1980s, the modern competitive climbing competition with difficulty climbing began to rise and aroused wide interest. The first difficulty climbing competition was held in Italy in 1985.

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