How Many Types of Dwellings(II)

Terraced House

The house with steps is a tall, narrow house with another house on both sides.check here They are common in many European countries such as Britain, Netherlands and Germany.


Villas are also known for their own gardens, vineyards or courtyards, hotel-style services and water facilities (such as swimming pools and fountains).

Difference between bungalow and villa

For Bungalow, a low house with a broad front porch and no upper or upper rooms on the roof, usually with skylights. Villa – Villa is a huge, independent structure surrounded by vast land and normally having three or more floors.check here


Tree-houses are structures built between the branches of big trees. They are often regarded as places for children to play. check here However there are hotels all over the world. You can sleep in the tree-house hotel room on the ground. Some old tribes also live in tree-houses.


A hotel is a place where you pay for short-term sleep while on vacation or on business trip. The hotel has many rooms with its own bedroom and bathroom. Hilton, Marriott or Hyatt are world famous hotels as well known.

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