Knowledge about Real Estate(II)

Real estate is also called immovable property in economics. There are three forms of existence: land, buildings, and premises. In real estate auctions, the auction target may also have three forms of existence, namely land (or land use rights), physical entities and their rights under the state of building and premises.

It is not difficult to see from the real estate control measures that have been introduced. The central government has adopted a strategy of step-by-step and multi-investment in real estate regulation, indicating that the central government’s attitude toward real estate regulation is clear and determined.

In a certain sense, banks tightening mortgages will play a positive role in curbing excessive housing price increases. The adjustment of interest rate preferential policies will help to rationally guide housing consumption, curb investment and speculative purchases. Buying real estate is an important way to invest.

Real estate investment has the following characteristics:

(1) the fixedness and immovability of the location;

(2) The long-term use;

(3) Diversity of influencing factors;

(4) Value profitability;

(5) Value-added;

(6) Industry relevance,

Regulatory influence

The economy continued to improve in February 2013, but some of the data was lower than expected, causing a discussion about whether the market can stabilize the economic growth rate. The current economy is still recovering moderately, but due to factors such as real estate regulation and control, the speed of economic recovery may slow down in the future after the first quarter.

The CPI increase of 3.2% in February was mainly affected by the Spring Festival factor, reflecting the current economic recovery and support. February CPI rose by 1.1%. Among them, the food price increase is the same as the seasonal factor, while the non-food price rebound is stronger than the seasonal factor. In particular, the price of both consumer goods and services has risen, reflecting that the current economy is still in a short-cycle of growth recovery.

Proprietary rights of economic

  1. Self-ownership: ownership

Including possession, use rights, income rights, and disposal rights

  1. He real right

Including easements, mortgages, leases, and pawning rights

Classified by land use

  1. Residential land;
  2. Land for public facilities (including commercial land, etc.);
  3. Industrial land;
  4. Warehousing land;
  5. Common to diplomacy;
  6. Land for road plaza;
  7. Land for municipal public facilities;
  8. Greening land;
  9. Special land use.

According to the function of the house, it can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Houses for residential use;
  2. Houses for industrial use;
  3. Housing for commercial use;
  4. Cultural and recreational facilities;
  5. Government and public facilities;

6, multi-purpose building

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