Live and Learn(I)

People can’t live without learning, and reading is an important way to get an education. There are many different forms of education, but the fundamental purpose of education is to be a person, and then to do things. This is the most important truth in Chinese humanities.

Today’s society, schools and families are the most lacking in humanities education. It seems that this era is only driven by economic interests, which makes people in the fast pace have no time to take care of the human spirit of reading, and people only look forward money and the consumption of goods, they are difficult to appreciate the development charm of the humanities. The development of a person and a place to the end is rooted in the difference between humanity and taste. What is missing in the school classroom is humanistic education, which includes humanity and spirituality. Humanity education pays attention to the basic truth and emotion of being a human being, and spiritual development pursues the most originality and ideology of human beings. The lack of humanities education will lead to the more terrible consequences of human cross-country science, which is to alienate humanity and stifle spirituality.

The current primary and secondary schools pay too much attention to intellectual training and neglect emotional education, which is a serious inversion of the present. It is easy to find that today’s students are smart, but they are hard to get moral and emotional things in their intelligence. Their greed and plundering are particularly strong. How they do a human and to love, respect and love others, has gradually faded away. It will make us worry and fear.

A person who lacks emotion or no emotion, and has no sound personality. Without a healthy humanistic education, its knowledge and skills can only become a thing that harms society and humanity. Therefore, education should be oriented to humanity and humanity, and to the true, good and beautiful of love. The improvement of a social and economic level has also brought new opportunities for the development of the humanities. Humanities education should be more humane in terms of resources for economic development and play a positive and broad role. From a historical perspective, the rapid rise of industry not only brings prosperity to human life, but also brings economic development to society. The activities of businessmen are also more frequent, and the spread of culture in this activity also bears fruit.

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