Malaysia Tour About LangKawi(I)

Langkawi is one of the famous tourist attractions in Malaysia. Bright green seawater and long and flat beaches make up a paradise seaside resort. From November to February of next year, it is the peak season for travelling. The airline’s tickets and hotels need to be booked in advance. There are taxis on the island and the short-distance is about 7 Ringgit, but it can not be called in remote places. The average taxi fare is 20-25 ringgit per hour if you rent whole taxi which is not convenient. Click Here For More. Accommodation on the island is mainly concentrated in KUAH, Pantal Cenang. In peak season, booking in advance is necessary, while in off season, it is more economical to go directly to the hotel for accommodation. The common language is English, or the local Malay language. Let’s take a look at this beautiful island.

Brief of PuLau Langkawi

Lankawi Islands, Malaysia’s largest island group, consists of 99 islands, located in the Strait of Malacca, north of Penang Island, close to Thailand. The area is 526 square kilometers. The main peak is 850 meters above sea level.Click Here For More.

Legend of Langkawi

The word “Langkawi” is a combination of the ancient Malay word “helang” and “kawi”. Malaysian classical literature describes the island as a resting place for riding and divine birds. There are many legendary stories about the island,Click Here For More. of which Mahsuri’s story is well known: the falsely accused Princess cursed the island before she died in anger. To prove her innocence, her body bled white and the beach in Lankawi was dyed white. Her mausoleum is near KUAH.

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