Natural Phenomena- Thunder (Lightning Protection)

The lightning current generated during the occurrence of lightning is the main source of damage. The hazards include direct lightning strikes, induced lightning strikes, and intrusive mines guided by overhead lines. For example, overhead lines used in various lighting, telecommunications and other facilities may introduce lightning into the room, so it should be strictly guarded.

Lightning strikes

  1. Lack of lightning protection equipment, high-quality buildings, storage tanks, etc.
  2. Metal roof without good grounding
  3. Buildings, tree books in wet or open areas
  4. Due to the conductivity of the smoke, the chimney is particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes.
  5. There are radios on the building without lightning arresters and places that are not well grounded.

Method of preventing lightning

Emergency points:

  1. Pay attention to closing doors and windows. Indoor personnel should be away from metal objects such as doors and windows, water pipes and gas pipes.
  2. Turn off the household appliance and unplug the power cord to prevent lightning from intruding from the power cord.
  3. When you are outdoors, avoid it in time and don’t stay in the open field. When you have nowhere to hide in an open field, you should try to hide in low-lying places (such as pits), or immediately squat and lower your height.
  4. Stay away from isolated trees, towers, utility poles, billboards
  5. Stop outdoor swimming, boating, fishing and other water activities.
  6. If many people are outside, do not stand against each other to prevent transmitting to each other when the lightning strike.

Expert tips:

  1. Lightning protection devices must be installed on tall buildings to protect against lightning strikes.
  2. Do not use the phone outdoors
  3. For those who are struck by lightning, they should be rescued immediately by cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  4. Remember to take a bath as little as possible, solar energy users should not take a bath.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academicians of the International Academy have proposed a new generation of lightning protection technology that eliminates the risk of lightning and makes the protection target no longer subject to lightning strikes, called “smart lightning protection technology”. After more than ten years of research and development, the team of experts from the Electric Power Group of the Space Center have proved the rationality and feasibility of this technology. These lightning protection measures we should remember, it relates to our life safety.

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