New systems VS Drones in UK(I)

In UK, recently there is a good news about how to combat drones by new system they invention, as Ben wallace state that UK now has systems to combat drones. So the most of people will be curious to this new system and how it is working?

UK Governor

New system may combat the drones,Click Here For More. already give confidence to UK governors. The minister say those who use drones “for criminal purposes” can expect “the most severe sentence”.

Minister say a new detection system can now be deployed across the UK to counter the threat of UAVs (drones). Last week, UAVs were found near the runway at Gatwick Airport.

Security Minister Ben Wallace said those who use UAVs “recklessly or for criminal purposes” may face “the harshest sentences”. Earlier, the couple were arrested and acquitted for the chaos in Gatwick airport, saying they felt “violated”. according to statistic data, almost 1,000 flights has been affected at Gatwick airport during about 36 hours last week.

Mr. Ben Wallace, security minister said: “The huge proliferation of such devices, coupled with the challenges of deploying military counter measures into a civilian environment, means there are no easy solutions.” he also stated as “However, I can say that we are able to now deploy detection systems throughout the UK to combat this threat.”

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