Precautions for using a crane

It is well known that there are many points in the operation of the crane. Especially when running, the requirements for the power supply are very strict. In the process of comparison, the consumers need to classify the pre-work and post-work processes, especially for each operator. In this case, you need to consider changes in the track, etc., and port crane manufacturers remind that ,we shold pay attention to the following points when using the crane:

What are the precautions for using a crane?

1. pay attention to the stability and reliability of the work;

When there is a heavy load requirement, be sure to ensure that the moving height does not exceed the upper limit. Otherwise, it is likely to affect the safety performance of the equipment and affect the service life of the crane machinery. Professional technical workers guarantee stable operation.

Precautions for using a crane

2. the end of the program after work should be stable;

If there is personnel operation during the lifting process, it cannot be accelerated. In this case, there are likely to be some unreasonable phenomena. Generally speaking, the scene commander must keep a cool head. The safety of the crane can be ensured, and a certain cushioning is required to ensure stability when starting and stopping the crane.

3.Pay attention to the safety procedures of the operators before the work;

Any operator has mastery skills in this respect, especially for the installation of the device, it is very important, but for some special cases, it needs to be removed one by one. Naturally, in this type, it needs to be considered. The most basic requirement of the operator is that when the application is carried out, it is necessary to classify the safety device of the crane, especially for the internal structure, the interference factors of the stability need to be eliminated one by one. Especially for the stability of the power supply of the crane, it is necessary to clear the warning scissor lift platform

Through the above introduction, we should understand that if the consumer is carrying out the crane operation, if there are some abnormal problems, immediately turn off the power supply, and at the same time, carefully check the relevant root causes of the responsible crane operation, so as to solve the problem in time. And for many operators, this directly affects their security.

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