Steak For Children(I)

Steak is very popular food, sometimes we may taste a good meal with steak at home, certainly, sometimes such as holiday we may invite friends or accompany family members to go to local flavor steak restaurant to have a good try. But whether the parents consider to cook one meal of steak for your children and kids? Well, the most of answers are exactly never think of it. As concern of parents to your kids, let us try to learn this recipe of steak then in the weekend trying to cook steak for children. Recipe is below, please refer it.Click Here For More.

Nutrition of Food Materials


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Beef tenderloin, 2 pieces

Spaghetti, 1/2 bag

Broccoli, proper Click Here For More.

Carrots, proper

Butter, 1 pieces

Walnut oil (or olive oil), proper

Black pepper, less

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