Suggestions About Buying a Computer (II)

We hope you can take the fewest money to buy a computer what best for you.

The first is physical store purchase, it is best to go to the physical store buy if it is assemble computer, to ask those who know much about the computer.

The second is online shop purchase, the advantage is that the price is extremely cheap, far lower than the physical store, is also the cheapest of all purchase methods, suitable for buying high-end products, and the price difference between the different store is too large. The disadvantage is that low-end cheap products often have quality problems, or the physical and photo maybe some differences.

The third is the online mall, the advantage is that the product quality is good, the price is lower than the physical store, the most important advantage is that it can be paid in installments, suitable for card users to buy. The shortcoming is that the delivery speed is slower, and if it has some problems, the time of repairing and returning to the factory has a delay in transit.

The fourth type is the direct purchase of the official website. The advantage is that the product quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales protection is the most comprehensive. There is no worry about buying parallel imports. It is suitable for users with high product quality requirements. The downside is that the price is often more expensive than the physical store.

The fifth type is group buying. The advantage is that the price is low, and the profit of the manufacturer is very small. Since the group purchase is directly to the manufacturer, the after-sales guarantee of the product is not a problem at all, and it is the most affordable one in all online shopping. The downside is that the product style is sparse and cannot cover all user groups.

Therefore, in order to buy a truly value-for-money product, it is necessary to choose a suitable purchasing method to ensure the maximum benefit. If you are preparing for a high-profile computer, it is generally recommended to use the physical store method; the low-profile computer recommends the online store purchase method; the mainstream configuration computer recommends the group purchase method; users who have high requirements on computer quality are recommended to buy through the official website or physical store.

Generally speaking, the response of the speed of the computer does not mean that a single hardware affects it. They need to match each other. Of course, hardware is the main factor, and the second is the optimization of the software.

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