The Largest Natural Reserve in China(II)

Since the Hoh Xil Administration has carried out wildlife rescue and scientific research, it has rescued 248 wild animals of various types, including 177 Tibetan antelopes. It has also established the highest altitude wildlife rescue center and laid the foundation for the rescue and research of highland wild animals. Carrying out basic scientific research, cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghai Provincial Forestry Bureau to carry out scientific research activities, cooperate with Zhejiang University and Qinghai University to carry out research projects on Tibetan antelope, and cooperate with Qinghai University Medical College to build the highest altitude plateau medical research base in China.Click Here For More.

Every year, the protected areas conduct publicity and education in the surrounding areas of the reserve,Click Here For More. publicize the significance of wildlife, ecological environment protection, relevant laws and regulations and hold symposiums with pastoralists, units, garrisons and masses in the surrounding areas to discuss the protection plan. To explain the wildlife protection to the drivers of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, and use the more than 100 publicity columns built on the 109 National Road for long-term publicity and education, and set up a stone propaganda monument on the 109 National Highway in the eastern edge of Hoh Xil. Strictly crack down on illegal activities such as poaching, catching, reselling, and transporting rare wild animals such as Tibetan antelope and their products. Illegal crossing is strictly prohibited. In November 2017, Qinghai Hoh Xil, Xinjiang Altun Mountain and Tibet Qiangtang National Nature Reserve jointly issued an announcement prohibiting all units or individuals from entering the protected area freely to carry out illegal crossing activities. The river basin in the reserve has almost all the protection areas, and there are many lakes. It is called the ”land of thousands of lakes”.

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