The Ways of On-line Marketing(I)

  1. Advertorial Marketing

Advertorial advertising, as its name suggests, is a “text ad” written by a market planner or an advertising company’s copywriter in relation to a hard ad. Compared with hard advertisements, the advertorial is called soft ad, and it does not directly make people feel the disgust of advertising. By the time you find out that this is a soft article ad, you have fallen into the well-designed ‘‘trap’’. It pursues a silent propagation effect. The soft text ad is the most powerful marketing method that has the characteristics of conquering the unyielding with the yielding.Click Here For More.

  1. Experience Marketing

Experience marketing focuses on user experience, with mobile Internet as the main communication platform, and with traditional online media and mass media, through the strategic, manageable and sustainable O2O online and offline interactive communication to establish, transform and strengthen customer relationships. A series of processes that achieve customer value. Experience marketing from the view of five aspects: consumers’ sense, feel, think, act, and relate, redefining and designing marketing thinking.Click Here For More.

This way of thinking breaks through the traditional assumption of “rational consumers” and believes that consumers are both rationality and sensibility when they purchase. Before, during and after consumption are the key to study of consumer behavior and business brand. Experience marketing represents SNS, Weibo, micro-movie, WeChat, micro-vision, micro-life, micro-e-commerce, etc. As a new media form, which provides a possibility for enterprises or individuals to achieve low-cost communication outside the traditional form of advertising promotion.

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