Visit to Beijing of China(I)

Beijing, is the capital of China, Click Here For More. has a lot of mystery things referring to culture, building and food. So attracting so many tourist from worldwide through these historical building and traditional food is very simple. Normally it is called food heaven and imperial delights by the most of tourists. Dining out is the main social activity for local people in Beijing. It is in restaurants that Beijinger party with their friends, hold family reunions, romance each other and do business. According to statics data, there are six world heritage sites in Beijing and one less site comparing with Egypt.


Beijing is located in the north of the North China Plain, backed by Yanshan Mountains, adjacent to Tianjin and Hebei Province in China. Beijing is located at 115.7-117.4 degrees longitude in the east, 39.4-41.6 degrees latitude in the north, 39 degrees 54’20” latitude in the north, 116 degrees 25’29” longitude in the east, with a total area of 16410.54 square kilometers. The mountainous area of Beijing covers 10,200 square kilometers, accounting for 62% of the total area, while the plain area covers 6,200 square kilometers, accounting for 38% of the total area. The topography of Beijing is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. Beijing has an average altitude of 43.5 meters.Click Here For More.

Culture of Beijing

Beijing residents have about 500,000 religious believers, accounting for 4% of population of Beijing. The main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism, meanwhile Buddhism, Taoism and Islam have exerted great influence on Beijing’s history, culture and art. There are more than 100 places for religious activities in Beijing.Click Here For More.

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