WalMart Inc. In Japanese and Chinese Market(I)

WalMart Inc. is very famous around the world because of its good Supply Chain management and proper marketing methods. Now WalMart has entered into Japan and China for so many years and good performance of sales and successful management always lead it as industrial number 1.Click Here For More.


About Walmart Inc.

WalMart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) is a worldwide chain company in the United States. Click Here For More. It is the largest company in the world in terms of turnover, and its holder is the Walton family. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. WalMart Inc., which is mainly involved in retail business, has the largest number of employees in the world, ranking first among Fortune 500 companies for five consecutive years.

WalMart has 8,500 stores in 15 countries around the world. WalMart operates in 50 states and Puerto Rico. WalMart has four business modes: WalMart Shopping Plaza, Sam’s Club Store, WalMart Store and WalMart Community Stores.Click Here For More.

How is Walmart in Japanese and Chinese Market?

Japanese market

WalMart’s main strategy when entering the Japanese market is to cooperate with local operators, add WalMart’s business philosophy and corporate culture on the original basis, and so on. After the cooperative brands are generally accepted in Japan, WalMart’s brand can be produced.

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