Wet condition PV frameworks

In some wet condition PV frameworks, an as often as possible referenced issue is that after a time of activity of the photovoltaic power age framework, the power age volume drops essentially c section steel sizes , bringing about a critical decrease in power plant income, which truly harms the interests of the proprietors. After field testing, it was discovered that following one to two years of finishing of a few photovoltaic power age frameworks, the intensity of some backplane segments was extraordinarily lessened, and the power weakening of some backplane segments was as high as half or more, and the power constriction of the parts caused the power age of the photovoltaic framework to diminish. One of the significant reasons. Much the same as people have stiffness?

For what reason does the photovoltaic framework get “ailment”?

Segment control constriction greatly affects framework control age, and there are numerous explanations behind segment control weakening, for example, photograph lessening, maturing constriction, breaking, cell crack, and so on. One of the significant reasons is part PID impact, segment PID impact is Because the voltage of the negative shaft to ground is under 0, the electron loss of the segment causes the segment capacity to rot, which makes the photovoltaic power age framework experience the ill effects of “stiffness”.

It is comprehended that there are numerous purposes behind the part PID, which is bound to happen in muggy and high temperature situations. The more prominent the moistness and the higher the temperature, the more probable the PID impact will happen. Along these lines, the moistness and temperature in the eastern rooftop and water surface are high. In the application situation, the effect of part PID on the power age of photovoltaic power plants is increasingly self-evident.

Specialists in the business brought up that whether PV framework will experience the ill effects of “rheumatic sickness” is for the most part influenced by two components: one is whether the PV module is sufficiently able to oppose high dampness and high temperature condition; the other is whether the electrical condition of PV module works Catalysis. On the off chance that both “causes” are met simultaneously, it will prompt “ailment”. For whatever length of time that any of the “causes” are not fulfilled, they won’t become ill.

Normal remedy for the treatment of stiffness in photovoltaic power age frameworks

To illuminate the part PID, it is important to take care of the issue that the segment’s negative shaft to ground voltage is under 0. As indicated by the “cause”, the prescription can be taken from the accompanying two headings.

The main sort of remedy is to make PV modules more grounded. Segment makers have done a great deal of work on materials, structures and different perspectives and gained some ground. For instance, twofold glass segments have exceptionally solid enemy of PID attributes.

The second kind of remedy is to dispose of the electrical condition that catalyzes “stiffness.” In request to wipe out the electrical condition that catalyzes “ailment”, numerous inverter makers have presented arrangements, and the ordinarily acknowledged plans incorporate a negative direct establishing plan and a PID night remuneration arrangement.

When developing a photovoltaic power age framework, if the “antibody” is immunized to keep the stiffness from being “inoculated”, it very well may be done for the last time. From the viewpoint of improving the electrical condition of the inverter, specialists recommend that the accompanying two plans can be utilized for counteractive action.

Choice 1: Negative direct establishing plan

The immediate establishing plan of the negative post is to straightforwardly ground the negative shaft of the board or inverter through a resistor or a circuit, with the goal that the voltage of the negative shaft to ground is more noteworthy than 0. This plan is generally utilized for a brought together inverter.

Alternative 2: String type negative virtual establishing plan

Because of the distinctive systems administration types of the string type and the brought together inverter, the two kinds of inverter negative virtual establishing plans contrast in the method for anticipating the AC passageway of the PID gadget, the establishment position, and the strategy for acquiring the negative post to ground voltage. In the string framework, a unit exhibit inverter will be furnished with a PID assurance gadget. The standard of the plan is steady with the guideline of the brought together negative establishing plan. Through the PID security gadget, the negative cathode capability of all segments in the square network is ​​raised, and the negative anode voltage of the segment with the most reduced negative terminal potential is higher than the ground voltage, accomplishing the reason for virtual establishing of the negative anode.

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