About Web Server(I)

Web Server is very popular to be applied such as Apache, Nginx, Kangle and so on. By this time let us understand about these web servers detailedly. WEB server is also called WWW (WORLD WIDE WEB) server. Its main function is to provide online information browsing service.Click Here For More.


Web servers can handle HTTP protocols. When the Web server receives an HTTP request, it returns an HTTP response, such as an HTML page.

To process a request, the Web server can respond to a static page or picture, redirect the page, or delegate the generation of dynamic response to other programs such as CGI script, ASP (Active Server Pages) scripts, JSP (Java Server Pages) script, servlets, server-side JavaScript, or some other server-side technology. Regardless of the purpose of these scripts, these server-side programs usually generate an HTML response to allow browsers to browse.Click Here For More.

Generally speaking, Web servers pages allow browsers to browse, but application servers provide methods that client applications can call. More precisely, you can say that Web Servers specialize in HTTP requests, but application Servers provide business logic for applications through many protocols.

About Face Recognition, How Much Do You Know? (V)

The classification of recognition algorithms

Generally, face recognition includes image grabbing, face location, and image preprocessing. The system input is generally a series of face images containing unidentified identities, as well as face images of certain known identities in the face database or corresponding codes, and the output is a series of similarity scores indicating the identity of the face to be identified

Feature-based recognition algorithms, appearance-based recognition algorithms, template-based recognition algorithms and recognition algorithms using neural network.

Recognition data

Face recognition needs collect a huge amount of related data about face images, using for verification algorithms, improve the accuracy of recognition constantly, these data such as A Neural Network Face Recognition Assignment, Orl face database, the face recognition database of MIT biological and computational learning center and others.


The advantage of face recognition lies in its naturalness and characteristics that are not perceived by the individual being tested.

The so-called naturalness means that the recognition method is the same as that used by humans for individual identification. For example face recognition, humans also distinguish and recognize the identity by observing the face, and also have natural recognition, speech recognition, body shape recognition, etc., while fingerprint recognition and iris recognition are not natural, because human or other Creatures do not distinguish individuals by such biological characteristics.

Undetected features are also important for an identification method, which makes the recognition method unobjectionable and not easily fooled because it is not easily noticeable. Face recognition has this feature, it completely uses visible light to obtain facial image information. Unlike fingerprint recognition or iris recognition, it is necessary to use electronic pressure sensors to collect fingerprints, or use infrared to collect iris images. These special collection methods are easy. Being perceived, it is more likely to be deceived by pretense.

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Can Smart Phones Replace Computers?(II)

WM’s interface is similar to desktop Windows, so the operation of the notebook does not have much sense of violation, and Redfly can also output VGA signal, the phone can play PPT through it. However, Redfly and WM can’t run Win32 programs on the desktop, and the functions are limited.

Windows 10 Mobile Contimuum

The mobile phone-PC integration in the WM era has no successful solution. So what about the new era of mobile Internet? WM is not designed for the desktop platform, but Win10M is different. In particular, Microsoft introduced the Contimuum mode in Win10M. WP phones only need to transfer the Hub via Bluetooth or USB Type C, and can connect devices such as monitors, mice, keyboards, etc., and can use WP phones as PCs.

In Microsoft’s vision, after the software was transferred to UWP development, Win10M plugged in the display, mouse and keyboard peripherals, which can be used as a desktop version of Win10 to a large extent, which sounds really beautiful. But the reality is quite different from Microsoft’s. First of all, not so many software vendors are willing to reinvent the software, using UWP for new development; secondly, UWP is very immature, until Win10M is completely abandoned, there is still flashback, overload, lack of basic functions (such as no color management) and other issues that cannot satisfy the productivity environment. In addition, the quality of Win10M system lags behind that of competitors. Microsoft’s Win10 mobile phone-PC integration project has not been successful.

Palm Foleo

The product was launched in the third quarter of 2007 and is priced at $499, but in September, it was announced that the product was delisted. According to the criticism of Palm Foleo, this product is not more portable than ordinary laptops, there is not enough application ecology, and even video can’t be played well. If it is only used to access the Internet and process mail, the mobile phone itself can be competent. Why buy such a two-in-one product? Obviously, the biggest problem with Palm Foleo is that although it has the form of a laptop, it can’t do the same thing as a PC. This is the biggest dilemma facing most mobile PCs.

The main reason is that mobile phones and PCs are very different in how they are used. A software needs to adapt two different types of hardware at the same time, which brings great challenges to development. Mobile phones and PC two-in-one devices also need to overcome peripheral connectivity and performance issues. In terms of performance, ARM processors are still not enough to run large productivity tools, but these can be improved over time.

Can mobile phones really replace PC? At least from the current situation, there are not many powerful manufacturers to use this topic as the main strategy of the future. Whether it is Samsung Dex or Microsoft Win10, the two-in-one system is still in a groping and immature stage. Before filling the interface, applying the ecology and other gullies, I am afraid that it is still unrealistic to replace the PC with a mobile phone. I look forward to a more complete solution in the future.

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Network Information Security(II)

Complete the system of personal information protection, strengthen the consciousness of personal data protection.

We should perfect the system of personal information protection consciousness. It is the necessary road to realize the effect administer of internet space that better and conduct the safety law of personal information in network security. Secondly, optimize the management responsibility of supervision. The cyberspace governance should be promoted in an efficient and orderly manner under the goal model of fairness and efficiency. Based on the behavioral characteristics of infringe personal information security, the department linkage mechanism is fully utilized; in view of the characteristics and technical requirements of the network medium, it is recommended to increase the funding for law enforcement supervision and evidence collection of key governance to avoid the lack of technical equipment. And compared with the right to privacy, the special rights protection path of data information is more focused on prevention beforehand. It is necessary to strengthen the review of the pre-information obligation of information collection, so as to fully guarantee the informed consent of the information subject, and provide a basis for judging whether to expand the scope of information collection at will. When the information subject has doubts about the scope and method of information collection, it should objectively consider the legitimacy and necessity of the case according to the principle of proportionality, degree of the data information, and explain the reasons.

Give play to the industry autonomy mechanism of industry organizations. The protection of data information in the era of “Internet +” has its own complexity. In response to the special problems of personal information on the Internet, industry organizations should give full play to the positive role of network information security construction. Standardizing the collection and use of data information, which is of great significance to the development of the Internet industry.

Enhance the awareness of the protection of citizens’ personal data rights. With the improvement of identity information recognition technology and the diversification of network information security infringement methods, citizens lack sufficient awareness of scam websites and information, and personal information risk prevention capabilities are obviously lacking. In the face of the requirement to collect the use of identity information and other identifiable information, the rights subject of personal information should improve the ability to prevent discrimination. When the right to personal information and privacy are violated, the infringer is required to promptly exercise the relevant legal rights such as deletion and correction.

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Suggestions About Buying a Computer (II)

We hope you can take the fewest money to buy a computer what best for you.

The first is physical store purchase, it is best to go to the physical store buy if it is assemble computer, to ask those who know much about the computer.

The second is online shop purchase, the advantage is that the price is extremely cheap, far lower than the physical store, is also the cheapest of all purchase methods, suitable for buying high-end products, and the price difference between the different store is too large. The disadvantage is that low-end cheap products often have quality problems, or the physical and photo maybe some differences.

The third is the online mall, the advantage is that the product quality is good, the price is lower than the physical store, the most important advantage is that it can be paid in installments, suitable for card users to buy. The shortcoming is that the delivery speed is slower, and if it has some problems, the time of repairing and returning to the factory has a delay in transit.

The fourth type is the direct purchase of the official website. The advantage is that the product quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales protection is the most comprehensive. There is no worry about buying parallel imports. It is suitable for users with high product quality requirements. The downside is that the price is often more expensive than the physical store.

The fifth type is group buying. The advantage is that the price is low, and the profit of the manufacturer is very small. Since the group purchase is directly to the manufacturer, the after-sales guarantee of the product is not a problem at all, and it is the most affordable one in all online shopping. The downside is that the product style is sparse and cannot cover all user groups.

Therefore, in order to buy a truly value-for-money product, it is necessary to choose a suitable purchasing method to ensure the maximum benefit. If you are preparing for a high-profile computer, it is generally recommended to use the physical store method; the low-profile computer recommends the online store purchase method; the mainstream configuration computer recommends the group purchase method; users who have high requirements on computer quality are recommended to buy through the official website or physical store.

Generally speaking, the response of the speed of the computer does not mean that a single hardware affects it. They need to match each other. Of course, hardware is the main factor, and the second is the optimization of the software.

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