Demand Analysis of Products Influence Your Marketing Decision(I)

Demand analysis of products is very important things before you begin your marketing decision. Meanwhile, demand analysis with so many diversities such as negative demand, latent demand, even no demand and irregular demand and so on. Correct understanding about demand analysis of products always help every marketer to gain proper and high efficient marketing plan. Below is concrete information about statement of demand analysis.check here

Irregular Demand

Many enterprises often face changes in demand for products or services due to season, month, week, day and hour, resulting in idle or excessive use of production capacity and goods.

For example, in the area of public transport, check here it is not enough at rush hour and unused at off-peak hours. In the peak season, hotels are short and tense. In the off-season, hotels are free. On holidays or weekends, stores are crowded and shoppers are scarce.

The task of marketing is to change the demand time pattern through flexible pricing, promotion and other incentives, which is called synchronous marketing.

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