Network Information Security(II)

Complete the system of personal information protection, strengthen the consciousness of personal data protection.

We should perfect the system of personal information protection consciousness. It is the necessary road to realize the effect administer of internet space that better and conduct the safety law of personal information in network security. Secondly, optimize the management responsibility of supervision. The cyberspace governance should be promoted in an efficient and orderly manner under the goal model of fairness and efficiency. Based on the behavioral characteristics of infringe personal information security, the department linkage mechanism is fully utilized; in view of the characteristics and technical requirements of the network medium, it is recommended to increase the funding for law enforcement supervision and evidence collection of key governance to avoid the lack of technical equipment. And compared with the right to privacy, the special rights protection path of data information is more focused on prevention beforehand. It is necessary to strengthen the review of the pre-information obligation of information collection, so as to fully guarantee the informed consent of the information subject, and provide a basis for judging whether to expand the scope of information collection at will. When the information subject has doubts about the scope and method of information collection, it should objectively consider the legitimacy and necessity of the case according to the principle of proportionality, degree of the data information, and explain the reasons.

Give play to the industry autonomy mechanism of industry organizations. The protection of data information in the era of “Internet +” has its own complexity. In response to the special problems of personal information on the Internet, industry organizations should give full play to the positive role of network information security construction. Standardizing the collection and use of data information, which is of great significance to the development of the Internet industry.

Enhance the awareness of the protection of citizens’ personal data rights. With the improvement of identity information recognition technology and the diversification of network information security infringement methods, citizens lack sufficient awareness of scam websites and information, and personal information risk prevention capabilities are obviously lacking. In the face of the requirement to collect the use of identity information and other identifiable information, the rights subject of personal information should improve the ability to prevent discrimination. When the right to personal information and privacy are violated, the infringer is required to promptly exercise the relevant legal rights such as deletion and correction.

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