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World’s Loneliest Duck Dies on Niue

A duck appeared in Niue after a storm and became the only duck in the Pacific island country. Although it is known as “the loneliest duck in the world”, it is not lonely at all under the care of residents. Unfortunately, the duck was recently killed by a dog, which made the islanders quite sad. Ray Findley, chairman of the Niue Chamber of Commerce, said on the 28th of the BBC: “It appeared in Niue in January last year after a storm. We thought it might be flying or blown… It may come from New Zealand or Tonga or other Pacific islands.”

Ducks live in a big puddle because there is no rivers, streams or lakes for the place it arrived.check here

Its arrival has attracted much attention. The islanders named it Trevor after a local politician. It was often visited by people. Firefighters would immediately pour water into the puddle when they saw the water level drop. Findley registered a social account for it.

Sometimes Trevor flies to the lawn of a resident’s house and is always entertained with beans, corn and oats. Some residents have called for the introduction of another duck to accompany Trevor.

However, last weekend,check here Trevor was attacked by several dogs and died in the bushes.

Ray Findley, president of the Niue Chamber of Commerce, said that “Trevor” touched the local people, which was a really sad moment for Niue. New Zealand House of Representatives Speaker Trevor also expressed condolences over the death of a duck named after him. “The New Zealand Parliament expresses its deepest sympathy to the people of Niue.”

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