The Current Business Situation in China

After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, the development of China’s business has achieved remarkable results. This achievement is inseparable from the people who devote themselves to the country’s development. These achievements have not only took efforts for the consumers, and at the same time, efforts are made in this process to be strong or to develop and strengthen our own business enterprises. We also received some results. As far as the current economic development is concerned, the further development of China’s economic development is still ideal.

We can see from the current situation of national economic development that China’s commercial development is currently facing a very good macroeconomic background. Everyone knows that China’ macroeconomic development has been in a state of continuous, stable and rapid development. By 2007, we have maintained an annual growth rate of 8% to 10% for five consecutive years. We have grown from a total GDP of 13 trillion yuan in 2003 to totally 24.7 trillion yuan in 2007. This scale is that we have a certain production capacity and production quantity. We have achieved self-sufficiency in a considerable number of areas, and this ability is that we can fully provide the necessary daily necessities and production supplies to the market.

Our pursuit of continuous improvement in living standards and further expansion of reproduction have been achieved. The macro background of China’s economic environment also shows that the rapid development of the economy over the years has continuously improved the living standards of us.

In China, due to the increase in the cost of labor and the changes in the prices of other basic commodities, the business environment in the commercial sector has also emerged a series of issues, so we need to seriously consider and think about this problem. These are a series of factors and situations that must be faced in the next stage of development of China’s commercial retail and supermarket sectors. We need to do serious research. Under such a big background, it is very necessary for us to seriously consider the current development of China’s business. We have seen that after a few years of hard work, the development of our business is very nice indeed. It is our consistent goal to realize the further development of China’s business and to fully cooperate with the sustained and stable development of China’s economy.

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