The Digital Transformation Trends in Education

Internet of Things

We didn’t mention this last year, but I think it’s time to bring IoT into the discussion of digital transformation trends in education. In the past, a lot of educators have focused on things like energy efficiencies throughout schools and campuses when talking about the IoT. Those are great benefits, but I think there are far better ones. For instance, the IoT can allow a student’s teacher to share his or her test results with their other teachers and parents in real-time, alerting them to potential issues they may wish to face in their own classroom or home. It can automatically track when homework has been completed—what time it’s being completed—and even collect data about how long it takes the student to finish the assignment. With that information, teachers can gain a better understanding of whether their methods are working, whether assignments may be too cumbersome, or if students seem to be working too late into the night. This is valuable information that could make future digital transformation trends in education even greater.

AI and Big Data

This goes with the IoT above, but I just want to be clear: there is a huge opportunity in education today to move away from standardized testing data into less structured data that helps us truly understand our students. No, we won’t be able to ditch standardized testing in 2019. But I do think many educators will start to see that other data they collect for their individual classrooms may be able to tell them far more than state testing ever could.

Clearly, there will be differences in the type of technology being used in wealthier public school districts and private schools than in disadvantaged ones.

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