The Guests of Honor that Attend the First CIIE(II)

Germany – Looking forward to further deepening economic and trade cooperation

As a European economic power and trading country, Germany leads the world in machinery manufacturing, chemical medicine, and automobile industries. “Made in Germany” has long been a brand symbol of deep roots.

At the first China International Import Expo, Germany will be exhibiting as a guest country and entrusting the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry representing more than 3.6 million German companies as a recruitment agency. During the exhibition, the enthusiasm of German companies was very high. More than 170 German companies participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 31,000 square meters, accounting for one-third of the total area of European companies. Among the German companies participating in the exhibition, there are many fortune 500 companies such as Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Bosch, Siemens and Bayer. In terms of industry, the German exhibiting industry covers the high-end equipment industry of smart machines, medical equipment and medical care, automobiles, food and agricultural products, consumer electronics and home appliances, integrated services, logistics, tourism and entrepreneurial design industries. Among them, the intelligent and high-end equipment industry participated in the most active exhibitions with more than 60 exhibitors.

German Economics Asia-Pacific Committee spokesman Strak told the Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter that the German economic community welcomed Germany as the host country of the Expo. He believes that the Expo is an important signal that the Chinese government firmly supports globalization and market opening, and is also an important measure to show the open image of China’s economy in the special period of rising global trade friction. The German economic community is highly expected to further open up the Chinese market and is eager to continue to accelerate the implementation of a series of market opening policies to benefit more foreign companies.

The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry East Asian market expert Konig said that the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be the German exhibition organization, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce as early as January this year, and actively participated in the exhibition. Koenig also said that China is currently in a transition period toward the development of an innovative economic model. Germany’s enterprises with advantages hope to further deepen cooperation with Chinese partners in this regard and overcome obstacles in cooperation, and jointly develop the huge potential of China‚Äôs market.

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