The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower(I)

Shanghai, Modern Metropolis, is not only the Municipality directly under the Central Government, but it is also the economic center in China. Certainly, for tourism, there are also a lot of landscapes and historical relic and building worth to visit. For example, The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower.Click Here For More.


The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the first batch of AAAAA level scenic spots in the country. The tower has space capsules, revolving restaurants, Shanghai Municipal Historic Development Exhibition Hall and other landscapes and facilities. Click Here For More. In 1995, it was listed as one of the ten new landscapes in Shanghai.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the landmark cultural landscapes in Shanghai, located in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area. The tower is about 468 meters high. The building was built in July 1991 and put into use in May 1995. It undertakes six sets of radio and television transmission services in Shanghai, covering a radius of 80 km.Click Here For More.

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