What Marketing Decision To Prompt Amazon Development(I)

Amazon, a very famous online shopping platform, has already dominated global online retails. According to its outstanding sales performance and large scale of extention of market, Amazon development must correspond with good marketing decision. So what is the advanced marketing decision Amazon use? We will know below,

Tip 1 Amazon PPC advertising on Google

To outperform your competitors on Google AdWords, you can use dynamic keyword, set unique and special selling points, and landing pages that match each keyword, to set up targeted advertising.Click Here For More.

Amazon platform uses templated titles and descriptions, dynamic keyword insertion, and dynamically generated landing pages to guide users to products’ pages sorted by the degree of relevance of keywords.

Tip 2 Front-end loss promotion, back-end profit

By 2016, Kindle Stores had more than 4.6 million bestsellers, becoming the world’s largest e-book retailer and growing. As early as 2011, Amazon’s fastest-growing product was the Kindle and related digital content, and in the second year it accounted for more than 10% of the company’s profits. Today, Amazon dominates the international e-book market with the Kindle and the large number of e-books available in its ecosystem.

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