Who is North American Indians(I)

Hollywood and television did not fabricate these Indians. Some of these films do have a historical basis, although they have been adapted to produce a more exciting story. But it is important to understand that those facts only concern some Indian tribes and are limited to a century. Before Spain took over New Mexico. Horses are not known to Americans. But by the middle of the eighteenth century, there were many horses on the Great Plains. Click Here For More. The horses were then used by the Sioux tribe to fight the white people in the final most famous battle. When white people from the United States and Europe first arrived and pillage their land, what kind of people were they – the people and race who now live in the United States?

Legendary North American Indians North American Indians are native Americans. It belongs to the American branch of Mongolian race. The use of Indian language, including more than a dozen language families. Most scholars believe that American Indians arrived in Alaska in batches from Siberia through the Bering Strait about 25,400 years ago and gradually migrated southward until they reached the southernmost tip of the Americas and spread throughout the Americas.Click Here For More.

Socio-economic Form Indians of all kinds form a large number of tribes with different ways of life. They are engaged in collecting, fishing, hunting, nomadism and agriculture. Eskimos and Aleutians live by hunting walruses and seals; Indians living on the coast of Western North America mainly engage in fishing;Click Here For More. Indians living in California live by collecting wild fruits; others in Dakor live by hunting bison; Indians in the southwest and southeast are known to be engaged in agricultural production.

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