Convenient and adaptable

Ø Our PTFE Coated texture building membrane is light ,profoundly rigidity, strip strength and fine malleability, the top notch properties of cleaning, light conveyance, reflectivity, pliable constructions give as long as 20 years or a greater amount of dependable help. The width of the membrane is 4000mm, at present it is out of look on the planet.

We have own PTFE Coated texture engineering membrane after strategy excess and exertion that is unremittingly around twenty years. From picking the glass fiber yarn to discovering the innovation of texture, covering, gear, creation, etc, every one of them are produced using one glass fiber yarn.

Benefits spread depicted underneath:

Ø PTFE Architectural Membrane is an incredibly flexible structure material. Offers engineers new adaptability in plan. Permitting engineers to make huge range of the outrageous bended, tightened, bended changing picture of milestone task or scene demonstrating consolidate the nearby climate

Ø Stain Resistant

Ø The PTFE design membrane has great self-cleaning, the PTFE covering makes it exceptionally impervious to staining. The surface earth can be taken out by normal downpour effectively, so keeps the surface spotless and white.

Ø Beautiful profile

Ø Because of the membrane’s better capacity than send light. During the day, the construction covered by a PTFE design membrane loaded up with regular diffused light, no shadows, offers the indoor open space an agreeable visual climate. Around evening time, the lights inside structures light up the night sky through the rooftop membrane, the Membranes empower the China Reflection Membrane development of structures with a staggering design profile.

Ø Harmonious inside climate

Ø The PTFE design membrane’s acceptable intelligent rate and low sun oriented warmth assimilation and scarcely influenced by UV brings the open, breezy sensation of shading right light inside, it sends up to 20% of sunshine without the warmth .Shaded regions stay brilliant, yet cool, even on the most sweltering days. It is energy-saving and climate cordial.

Ø Wide utilizing range

Ø The significant games structures, for example, football pitches, pool, etc.

Ø Recreational offices structure, show corridors, theaters, display constructions and enormous social affair places

Ø Supermarkets, inns lobby, over display, etc.

Ø The air terminal structure, stopping, distribution center, charging station, stage, etc.

Ø The city roads, shoreline, parks and the travel industry scenes conceal structure.

Ø Gardens, green spaces, yards and different pieces.

Ø Light weight

Ø Much lighter than regular roofing materials

Ø Capable of bearing burdens over long ranges

Ø Open space beneath – no sections

Ø Lightweight development of burden bearing dividers

Ø Long life

Ø astounding resistance ,against maturing , No deformity

Ø astounding rigidity , adaptability

Ø protection from distortion& weariness

Ø security administration life as long as 50 years.

Ø Fire opposition

Ø crude material is non-burnable

Ø Complies to DIN 4102 B1

Ø Seamless

Ø the greatest width is multiple meters

Ø All creases heat welded

Top global scenes, for example, Japan’s Tokyo Dome, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh International Stadium, Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, Britain’s Millennium Dome, the arena in Seoul, South Korea, etc.