Important features of Prater Lump Breakers and Flake Breakers include:

Knot breakers, likewise alluded to as protuberance crushers or piece breakers, are required molecule size decrease gear for most material taking care of frameworks. They work by presenting agglomerated item through an opening in the highest point of the unit. The knot breaking happens when the item’s particles that are too enormous are squashed by the turning edges as they go through a bunch of fixed brush like sharp edges. The agglomerated item particles keep on being diminished in size until they are adequately little to go through and release underneath the unit.

A typical application for our knot breakers is to diminish purposely compacted materials or regular agglomerations which frequently happens during creation, stockpiling or delivery.


Prater Single-Shaft Lump Breakers (additionally called Flake Breakers and the other way around) give a straightforward, strong, and practical method for molding materialschina Bearing for jaw crushers that have gotten compacted or uneven because of capacity, transport, or mixing. Synchronous use of delicate effect and shear brings about free-streaming materials with uniform size dissemination. Numerous businesses require size consistency when mixing, passing on, and bundling their completed items. Prater Lump Breakers give cost reserve funds, smoothed out working effectiveness, and improved item quality.

Prater Dual-Shaft Flake Breakers give similar advantage as Prater Single-Shaft Lump Breakers yet with a lower profile. Outfitted with counter-pivoting sharp edges, these piece breakers are ideal for molding or grinding materials intentionally compacted in densification gear, reusing, or removal tasks.

These accuracy apparatuses are useful with an assortment of items, including:








Furnace dust


Channel cakes


Synthetic substances


Fired powders

Significant FEATURES

Significant highlights of Prater Lump Breakers and Flake Breakers include:

Sturdy, uncompromising development guaranteeing long assistance life expectancy

Gentle steel or treated steel models accessible, contingent on the application

Simple establishment and upkeep

Simple substitution of inner segments

A wide range of sharp edge plans, custom fitted for the particular application

Remotely mounted bearings with discretionary air-cleanse seals to relieve defilement

Adjustable screen sizes for any estimating application

V-belt, cogged belt, or direct drive plans accessible

Low-profile configuration fits in restricted spaces, works on establishment

Discretionary wear liners and wear-safe sharp edges accessible

Speedy clean ability for limiting vacation

Sterile development alternatives as needed by the application

Incorporated plans with sack dump workstations or mass pack dumping frameworks accessible

Unrivaled de-lumping for upgraded item dealing with

Rock solid double or single-shaft models accessible

Functional THEORY

Material is gravity-taken care of into the highest point of the unit where rotor edges sway the uneven or compacted material. Edges intermesh with one another or with fixed cutting edges to guarantee adequate material contact. For harder irregularities, a discretionary screen can be utilized to broaden maintenance time. Completely de-lumped material ways out by gravity release through the discretionary screen. Screens with various openings are effortlessly traded to oblige an assortment of material kinds and to take into account explicit yield attributes. Enormous working clearances and low working velocity limits shear and effect that kills dust age and size decrease of particles.


The going with schematic represents how Prater Lump Breakers and Flake Breakers can be coordinated into your complete working framework: